What makes YOU different? STYLE/NEW LOOK

 ‘What makes you different..?’

What’s the first example that comes to your mind when you think of someone who is different?

Oprah? Trump (ha)?

Well no matter the name that came to your mind, famous or not, I am pretty certain that she/he is someone who has done something extraordinary in life.. or trying to do some extraordinary..

It is all truly about what you believe is important in life. To be clear here, there is not one thing that defines absolute greatness, something different..

As a blogger, it’s an exciting, yet interrogating question which flew around for the past 4 years in this community I’ve been in. It basically screams, tell me your USP; as if your work online doesn’t suffice to show that you’re different…But, if one has not seen your work, you almost want to just dodge the bullet, it feels like you have to prove why you are different to the world and why those differences push out other differences to make you ultimately stand out..

 ‘What makes you different’; several times I come out with the obvious answer: my personality.. -The person I am offline and online.. I feel like an inspiration and I inspire.. without throwing up at that self-absorbed gross sentence (ha) it’s true, but sounds so cringe at the same time.. I mean, most bloggers, ‘influence’ and ‘inspire’, so what else can you add to that? Well, lets take personality for example, I find my sense of humour latches the readers’ attention and makes them feel comfortable as I can let my guard down without caring, and the readers feel like they can join in and be part of the jokes ‘banter’.. These come across in my snapchats, instagram stories, comments and twitter chats! To inspire and make others laugh…

What makes you different?

Is it the way your creative work changes one’s perspective in order to change their life in a positive way? Is it the photos you take- they’re not conventional? Is it the topics you discuss and pan out the issues in a different light? Is it the way you write and compose thoughts? Is it the way you allow people to be themselves and throw out videos which make people want to befriend you? What is it?

For me..? In brief note form:

I love to inject my life-long-quote-essays-which-are-kind-of-cringe under my instagram photos, tweets and blog posts. Even if they cringe people who read it, at the end of the day I don’t, because they inspire others, open their eyes and to be honest as lame as this sounds, before I sleep, I love to simultaneously read memes, funny and deep ones, then funny and deep videos. I love to take an inch of each one and wrap it around into my own personal message to my blog. To make someone’s day in the morning when I’ve posted it, or just before bed, I receive messages like can I take this quote, oh wow I love this; I have had a lot of incredible mind blowing messages from people, old, young, bloggers and non bloggers, from all walks of life whom have said I’ve inspired them, had waken a side to wise up, made them a lot more confident and able to just be themselves online. I love those types of messages, they not only make me feel good about myself, but that my time into my social media and blog is worth it. Changing someones life in a good way is possibly one of the best feelings. Knowing someone read your blog post before bed and feel confident, happy and worthy is amazing. If you can be an inspiration online, do it. We need more of it. I mean c’mon, Trump is now president, lets make wise, kind, inspirational people well known!

“better Than Normal’ book has its roots in the group theory of evolution, according to Archer:

…because humans live in interdependent groups, evolution has favored the kind of personality specialization that we’re talking about.  When one person is particularly adventurous, for example, or especially well organized, or an exceptionally charismatic leader, everyone else in the group benefits..”

In my close friendship group, there are many distinctive personalities; in the group we cover all different personalities, all traits, all good – that I find is rare to come across because you need people who will be honest, bring out your adventurous side and people who will motivate, help you stay down to earth etc..

Also, when I think of all my favourite Bloggers/Youtubers, I can instantly tell you why I’m interested. They scream different, I have not seen/read anything like it/ it’s not conventional neither do they want to be conventional. How much have you really thought about your personal branding?? How can you make yourself stand out when there are so many other people doing the same thing?

The answer: Personal branding by focusing on what makes you unique!

I like people who reflect who I am too, because I always find comfort in people who are similar, as psychologists have said we are drawn to like minded people, and that will never change.

How to be different and unique..

Now lets forget about me, and get back to you.
We all have dreams, some more ambitious than others; I guess people have also tried to put you down too..

I like to think logically, as you should too: Are the people in your face putting you down different and great? Nope- they are just like the crowd, bunch of sheep! All the same..

Why do you listen to them?

So why many became unique, different and great?
Well… they did the following:

  • 1) Ordinary people are out of the question.. Ordinary people put others down. Any great person realized at one point of his life that following the ordinary will only lead to becoming as ordinary as them.. To be different you shouldn’t put others down- motivate them and inspire them!

  • 2) They had passion! All different people were passionate about something in life and they spledidly all fought for it to the last very moment. They defended their values and held on to their big dreams. Those who gave up on the other hand never made it that far and that’s why no one heard of them.. obviously right?

  • 3) They take the (big) hits: I’m here writing to you and of course I am always honest, so I would be lying to you if i told you that everything in my life is going to go smoothly.. Tears falling down while I was off to a campaign meeting quite far out, then plastered a massive smile at a presentation and a meeting.. Life has their ups and downs, and yesterday heard the worst news I could ever think of in this moment in my life. It did hurt, still hurts and I could cry about it again, but I won’t let it anymore. You face upset, difficulties, pain in life but you can’t cope and  if you are not ready to take the hits then you will collapse under the pressure.​  -“Its not about hard you hit but its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Remember Rocky’s Speech?”

  • 5) Always trying: All success stories of great people are almost alike… They all failed, once or twice, or like JK, 12 times, but tried again and failed again then kept trying and failing until they did it. In order to be a different great person you need to realise that failing is the price you have to pay before you can be successful.

Fight for your dreams

Be different.

Love you for reading this.

Off out

Have a good evening/night!



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