Grow Pinterest organically in 2021

Hello everyone!!! It’s 2021.. even though the world is a tad mental right now, I am trying to keep sane and busy! (trying) One way to escape from whats going on right now and create your own little world, is Pinterest! I have a very old account from 2012 I believe and no longer use it, so I shall be using my new account @lovestine2021 so go follow me there..

I have not added my Pinterest link anywhere! (Well not yet) I wanted to grow organically on the platform first! I’m still relatively new (re joined recently I have an old acc somewhere!) so very soon you’ll catch my own content on there and hopefully I shall distribute my link to all my socials and work with more brands.

0k to 7k organically (can show screen grabs) less than 4 weeks!

Few ‘tips’ for starters!

  1. Bio- First and foremost you need a clear bio, if you add ‘style’ (similar to me) you need to show it, whether its personal style or trending style, this is what your audience expects. A clear bio will attract the right audience and they’re more than likely to engage and possibly PIN your posts!
  2. Set up the ‘created’ section and PIN all the relevant topics! If it looks dead, no one will bother checking out the ‘saved’ posts. I have strategically created a ‘colour code’ front page of everything the audience will expect to see.
  3. Find a popular post which is also easy to follow and if its relevant PIN it. You’ll be amazed at how many people enjoy popular posts on a creator profile! Others will also want to ‘try it out’ and this is the right time to engage!
  4. Engage often and show interest! Leave a comment with some substance! A “fab post” is too generic, a simple but effective reply could be a question, “fab post, how long did it take you?” “I love the tones of these nails, where can I find the polish?” (if not stated).
  5. Consistency! PIN at least once a day and keep your boxes up to date (keep them organised too)

I want to predominately focus on positive quotes, healthy (isssh) foods, cool trendy outfits and some inspirations spots for when lockdown is over.. *inserts praying emoji!)

Heres some screen grabs of what to expect…

What’s your pinterest handle? I’d love to follow you!

stay safe

xtineloves x


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