Hey beautiful people,

That’s right! 7 billion people in the world.. (as you lovely people know) so why let one ruin your day (or life) People can be annoying (af), stupid (af), funny (af), amazing (af), considerate (af) and weird (af). Well, to be honest, in my world and probably yours too: we can live and can’t live without them.. It’s a tough world out there.. But sometimes, there is always a person or a bunch of people you think: Look, I wish I had never wasted time on you. Twitter action: Note to self: Do not waste time on stupid people #febrezestupidpeople

So, whether it’s a conversation or just in general wasting time on them, it’s so easy to let it get under your skin and ruin your day. Your subsconscious mind is always working..       Sometimes you think to yourself..WHY are you acting like that.. -have you gone totally insane- (insert frustrated emoji) or WHY have you done that to ME (insert crying emoji) like honestly, were you born with a cold heart..  or HOW can you not see what you’re doing is wrong. SO wrong. Ugh.  Or (ffs) you are SO annoying, how is it possible to be that annoying, you’d win an award for the most annoying person to have ever lived. UM, I do find it rather impressive that we all have not killed someone!

It is such a blissful, yet crazy thought that we could just get along with each other (thumbs up) but gosh, that is certainly not the case in this world. Deep down I wish this was the case. Lets face it, we are not going to appreciate everyone’s opinions, let alone beliefs or actions.. That’s a bit unheard of. You are not going to like everyone and honestly not everyone will like you- Even Angelina Jolie too.. but really, are you going to let a group of people, randomers or friends past/present ruin your day? The truth it, people will always always always stick to what they know and tell you that in their eyes, your opinion is just wrong and make you feel like crap. How (f-ing) annoying! Some people just hurt you because quite frankly they are (shit) hurting too.. It’s life, yup,  but you can’t let someone control you..

At times I wish I could go back to past and just walk away from some people.. First and foremost, my ex, a few friends I was super close to, people that I had worked with etc etc, so I wouldn’t have to go through crap in my life. Or I wish people who just bring out the worst, or just try to ruin my day could just disappear. But then I realised just a few days ago: Why am I allowing them to control MY emotions, how I feel about myself and my life. They do not have significance in life. Even the ones I come across daily, they are irrelevant. End of. Randomers I meet who may annoy me or just cause some frustation do not mean anything to me. Why should I waste my time being unhappy because of them.

I’m so done crying over someone who made my life hell for a while, who abused me every -‘ally’ word you could think of to the point I tried to commit suicide several times..  I’m done with hating and staying mad at so a few so called friends who I thought I could trust, but turned out to be complete (airheads) disguting people who are selfish and fake..  I’m done with people who only message me to keep up with my life or somehow feel like they need to compete with me.. -sighs- I’m not a kardashian, so why are you keeping up with me?! ..I’m done being upset and annoyed with people who have a who just don’t have the same heart and mindset as me.

No point being unhappy in life. Seriously, these people are in the past and those who embody all these characteristics will simply just pass in your life if you meet them. They are not worth your energy and time. It’s best to move on and forget it. Sure it hurts, it’s so annoying but you can not let it ruin your day or life. But, what is amazing about life is there are a millions of things to be happy about and a millions of beautiful people inside and out who will knock on your door in life and simply replace them. Perfect. In fact, looking at it from another perspective, thank god I have come across these types of people, because I have learnt who I do not want to be and who I do not want to be surrounded by. They can never stop me from anything anymore. -If they bring me down, it’s because I am above them.

So, from this day forward I’m only using my energy for the positives in life. If someone makes me upset, annoys me, patronises me, anything which isn’t making me happy then i’ll drop them like a hot potato from my life and I will not let someone like that ruin my day. To whoever is reading this: YOU are in control your emotions, no one else. Be kind to you..  -Why in the world why I EVER give someone the privilege to have such a HUGE effect and the control over my emotions again. -I control my body, so I can control my emotions-. Once you have this mindset you will feel 100% feel and 100 times better.

We all make mistakes, I make them all the time – I added orange juice to my cereal today, (monkey emojis)- but you know, make sure you learn from them!! 🙂

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