Perfection?! Boring: Quirky girl Will Always defeat A ‘Hot’ Girl


You will never be that ‘hot girl’…

Nothing will ever come effortlessly to you.. Your hair doesn’t fit into place, it’ll probably look shit before running after the tube! Your makeup will never resemble perfection to the MACS artists in store..Flicks are so hard to do! It’ll be hard for you to pull off those sexy leather outfits or sexy ‘af’ snapchats without laughing so hard at yourself. The whole sexy thing online can be cringe… like I’m not actually posing for Vogue am I?!

..It’s impossible to finish your meal without not spilling water or food all over your, or leave a piece in your teeth…Eeek.. why am I so clumsy!?

You’re silly, funny, quirky and just different. You attract people because of your personality who you are and because people feel comfortable around you! You fall up steps, (embarrassing much); accidentally call the wrong person and have to pretend your cat ( you dont have one) is okay and you need to go as it’s hunrgy.. and somehow, you are the one who manages to get a little to drunk and start singing “let it goooo” out loud as if it was a failed x factor audition!Oops.

You talk way too loud on the train and everyone knows you can burp the alphabet.. Yet, you want to be like those girls, who look like perfection?! Why

And then, weeks later, or months, or even a good 4 and half years of trying to hide these perfect quirks, you probably learned a lesson here about ‘perfect people’ in this world. They’re fake. Not real at all, not in the slightest.

They are only hiding who they truly are… Boring.

Who wants to hide their quirks and who they truly are? You have no idea who will fall in love with the real you.. or who is falling in love with the real you..

They’re not real. They are people pretending to be perfect and hiding who they really are. They are boring. Boring, you don’t want to hang out with boring.. boring is the last thing from your repertoire.

Personality?! Furthermore, personality is something you do not yearn for, something you take for ultimate granted..

Listen here, while you’re wishing you had bigger boobs, others wish they had your quirks, inability to be dull and how people are drawn to getting to know you instantly..

You’re refreshing, hilarious- you should have your own show and god damn, you are the only honest person in the room with strong balls to admit she’s completely flawed, head to toe!

Being quirky? People envy you. Lets face it, people envy that type of comfort you have with yourself, you don’t need tight sexy prom dresses to be attractive. You don’t need makeup or 100 filters to appear to be ‘fake sexy’.. These people envy you can draw attention with a look, make men laugh and make the crowd feeling happier than ever.. because of your quirks..

So lastly, just remember this: These people who say things about you, are

envious that you live your life with the confidence to put yourself out there (whether you actually want to or not).

Not all about ‘appearance’..

I want to see a person for who they truly are. It’s about looking at their personality, depth, soul and everything they truly are.

It’s about knowing the other person inside out, just how you figured yourself out. One day, when it’s the right time, you’ll sure know their neuroses, differences and inhibitions..
You’ll soon know how they look when they’re fast asleep, how they play fight, what excites them and their biggest laugh you’ve heard. Every single thing. So why be with someone without their quirks, which are so fun and different? It’s entertaining. Why date someone who pretends to be perfection.. why date someone who isn’t funny or clumsy? You need someone who can bring your walls down, make you feel utterly comfortable with being quirky, random and weird too; you need someone whos going to make you feel completely comfortable with your own quirks, not pretend they dont actually exist in this world..

Quirky personality will outlast good looks..

I’m blunt, but lets digest this statement: We are all going to get extremely old, full of wrinkles, gross marks and random bumpy lumps, sags and age gracefully, or not!

One day we will crave to be super new and youthful again!

You could be perfect, 10/10, but truth is this will not last forever, no matter how much surgery you even have! Personality will always remain forever, you can buy a face/body these days.. and everyone will end up looking the same.. personality? No one can fake that!

This means taking opening that window and giving into that weirdo side, quirky and random which you do not want anyone to see!

It is truly about being honest and real. I’m a realist. I show who I am to the people I am around. If they think I’m strange, random or weird, then let them.Will I change? Not in a million years. Being quirky makes me different, whenever I go, I’ll always be remembered. My jokes? People will remember me for making them laugh and being able to be themselves. So why be around people who makes you think twice about how you really are.. so, those things that will define you, will make you beautiful and complex in your old age. I would always go for personality over looks, they have to be quirky and random like me.

You can’t replicate quirkiness..

It’s impossible to fake being quirky

Seriously. You can’t fake it, shape it or hide it. Unlike the whole instagram/facebook/snapchat/bebo or what not “flawed” exterior, you can’t add your naked pallete 212 makeup kit on it, or tan it. You just cant.You wear your quirks, whether you like it or not. They are as unique and should be celebrate..They are what make you different from the processed blondie dolls next to you.. If anything, people want to see, softly undress and widely excited to know the quirks..

No one can ever steal your quirky personality; it can’t be bought from ebay or make their quirks better than yours..They can’t buy the same ones or make theirs better than yours. Your own amazing quirks may be the one thing that people can’t try and fake.. It’ll attract the right person in your life and that person will love you for it. If they don’t, they know where the door is..

Love yourself and your quirks.

I love mine. -Bring yours out and shake it off 😉

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