I love, actually love the fact, it’s 100% cacoa, natural and no added sugar. I (currently) experience a lot of bloating after a lot of sugar, so it’s amazing to have a hot chocolate I know doesn’t have added sugar, I can indulge to my hearts desire!
First I’d use the sugarcane, place it into a pan, heat it up for a good 5 minutes, slowly use the stirrer to mix around, leave it to melt. It smells so incredible you’d want to lick the pan dry..okay just me then, aha!
Then add a couple of sections of the bar and leave it to melt for 50 seconds, increase the heat slightly. After 2 minutes, stir quickly. It’ll be relatively easier to mix around by now. Add full milk into a different clean pan and leave it on heat for 2 minutes, once it’s been heated add it to the pan with the other ingredients, and yes, you’ve guessed it STIR. Blissful gorgeous aroma chocolate smells will arise and equally you’ll feel amazing for creating such an art in your kitchen. It looks sensational and once you’re done after a minute of stirring, take it out the pan and place inside a mug. Leave it to set for a couple of mintues and enjoy!!
I never thought I’d say this, but it’s the most pure, smoothest,┬ánicest hot chocolate I’ve tasted, I’ve told everyone straight away!
Stevie and I have had it three times since receiving it this week, he even requested it tonight because he wasn’t feeling well and this made him feel slightly better..!!

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