#Collaborating FARFETCH.COM Style!

STYLE// FARFETCH.COM FT COACH.COM | xtineloves  Hey lovely people, I hope you’re well? • This time, every day, is supposed to be a stressful time,…

Nike, sports wear. Fitness tips..

Hey lovely, Hope you’re well! I’d like to say, as cheesy as this is, I know, but thanks to everyone for their comments, supportive feedback and good…

#Collaboration. High end luxury brand reformation. Party …

STYLE/ REFORMATION xtineloves Party sexy outfit #jointhereformation “Created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, we design and manufacture the majority of our limited-edition collections in our…

F&F Bomber jacket, style!

| XTINELOVES Style by #F&F * Karma, oh that old cliche, “karma is a bitch, karma is my bestie..”  cheesy lines #dontmakemethrowup.. But to be…

Missselfridge. Style!

STYLE// MISS SELFRIDGE. Hello beautiful people,  ..baby got the money shot! I fell in love with this art wall. seriously love art!  Off the shoulder love…

Topshop ‘schoolgirl outfit’ STYLE up.

STYLE// TOPSHOP | XTINELOVES Crashin’, hit a wall.. right now I need a miracle.. (8) love that song – ft on my blog page! AND…

#Collaboration @lush products.. and YOU TIME!

BEAUTY// LUSH.COM ‘ME TIME’. XTINELOVES Hey! I guess you are intrigued to find out how to have ‘me time’, how I like to have me time and what’s…


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