If someone wants to be part of your life..


“I’m so so busy”

“I am way roo tired, I have been so busy lately”..

“Eeek sorry, I can’t fit anything in the next few months at all”

Do these sound familiar?

I have heard excuses after excuses way too many times than I should. Considering I have spent a lot of time and effort organising outings/evenings to making a conserible amount of my valuable time contacting people to meet up etc none of it was worth it. You see, about 7/10 times, you have probably heard these replies before at least once in your life. It’s prententious, annoying and pretty much these replies have become so common, more popular than a simple,  “How are you” or “Hey do you want to meet up” -Even if it’s for 1 hr, or a simple 10 mintues of their day to make an effort..

I know people have busy lives.. I am currently juggling my last year at University- that ALONE is more stress than anything and my closest friends question how I even fit in anything else.. I also worked a fair bit doing different types of promotional work; sometimes I worked late, sometimes I worked outside, sometimes I worked all evening after uni.. I also work in my talent agency.. 4am wake up calls are not the one.. I blog/I am currently dating someone/social life/Activities out of unversity.. I honestly do not know how I coped in this year alone.. So imagine me with this lifestyle contacting people who say they’re “busy”, yet their life isn’t at all.. 

Furthermore, I know IT ISN’T a bad thing being busy. To have a lot going on is amazing and for me even though activities in my life moitivate me and keep me moving forward as I have had the craziest and quite frankly a hard upsetting year it moved me forward and forget about the trauma I experienced for over a year. 

What I truly do no understand is the people who seemingly repeat this all the time. You know who these people are.. Instead of saying “Sorry,” they use one of the above statements to work a compromise like it is an excuse to brag about; so to me it seems like a s-tatus symbol. It really is a poor excuse, but they use it as a reason for their own poor time management. They want to be seen as someone who do more things. It sucks, when you know you are the busy one! It sucks when people who drop into your life now and then can not make an hr of their life to see you or make an effort.. When you disappear they may send a little messag to stay in the loop but honestly it is nothing more than that. Friends shouldn’t act like that at all. In my eyes, it’s unacceptable.

Furthermore, according to Angela Lussier, “We choose to feel overwhelmed, rather than productive and happy”.  So, it seems that the idea of being busy has become cool and just a “thing”. To tell someone “I’m too busy” is a way of telling them that you’re more important, or that your time is more valuable than theirs. To tell a work colleague that you are far too busy to even catch up for a coffee, the frank message is basically saying, “You are not a priority to me”.  

Why it’s driving me nuts is because yes, we are all busy, -yes despite if you’re at university or not you can be busy. I know that, but why then should we glorify those who are simply “too busy”…? People who continue to snapchat, whatsapp, poke you name it. But do not make an actual effort in your life. 

When it happened to me, I became more and more frustrated I simply had to ignore and cut those people out until they realised where I have been!

It is simply a case of a handful of people who do not make an effort at all, but seems to want to still be in your life.. I have people who spend over an hour to travel to see me, even if we spend a few hours together, those who actually call to plan something instead of saying oh yeah we can meet up next year. I have people who do not make excuses at all. It especially annoys me that they can’t make time, even for an hour and despite someone’s apparent busyness they can still find time to update their Facebook with selfies, check in they are about to get a starbucks etc..

In my book, if you have  the actual time to take many selfies and you are always updating your social media, you have enough free time to juggle your commitments..

I’m done making effort to people who do not. I’m done with keeping people in my life who do not value me. I’m with fake people and those people who have no importance anymore. My time will be shared to those who can actually make time for me in person. Some people will expire in 2014.

Do you feel the same

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