2015. New year ‘new me’


January 1, 2015


Happy New Year; I hope you all had a good one!

Whether you spent time drinking away 2014, or just had a quiet one in either way I hope it was amazing! I spent time at my aunts house with my family! My brother turns 20 today! Happy birthday Adam – I have been trying to convince him for a while now to START a blog, his fashion style is incredible, his ART.. well don’t get me started on that, he had his first commissioned piece a couple of  days ago it’s that good.. I hope he begins to blog soon! 

Unfortunately, he went to Oxford to spend time with his friends on New Years eve then came home on the 1st today in the evening. Spent some time with him before rushing off back to University. The fact that the christmas merry season is over saddens me; I love the feel of spending times at home RELAXING and being with my family. OH and eating like there is no tomorrow. Quite literally!

So.. The first question, “What is your new resolution”, which wizzed around the room while I frantically think of something worthy to say… “Um, eat healthier, stay fit, focus on uni” It went to go on something along those lines.. I NEED to focus on university, these next four months are the last moments I actually need to be in university, moments I need to study hardcore and focus 110% on my assignments let alone my dissertation.. I want to leave university knowing that the result I leave with was down to my hard work. 

We all NEED to focus on something in our lives which will bring us closer  to our goals. No matter how small these goals are hard work IS necessary! I knew people last year who never put hard work into something I was part of and expected the same outcome. DUMB mindset. You can not expect to be part of something or want something if you do nothing to help the result you want, life doesnt work that way honey! Focus on YOU.

To stay focus can be hard sometimes, distractions are flying from north, east, south and west! However, if you want something so bad you’ll never keep your eyes off the prize! I have a lot in store for this year and I will not let anyone or anything keep me away from achieving these goals. The goals I have this year are long-term so this year will have a huge impact on my future. As scary as it sounds I am quite excited by this! Focus on what you want, regardless of how serious it is by taking small steps to your goal you will reach it in no time! A focused mindset is a powerful one.

“Stay fit” I actually believe no matter how great you look aka “in shape” you can not just ignore exercise because of what people say. I have had people say OMG I thought you went to gym, you are more than in shape, your body is incredible.. Well thanks, I do blame it down to my genes but I honestly am not a gym person… So I have joined the gym.. whilst signing up I ate my birthday cake in a consent satisfied manner.. Then realised I can’t just pig out anymore. I just can’t. Reading up on health tips/exericse it sickens me that your diet can have implications and permanent long term health risks.  2014 was the year I have had more cocktails than you can imagine, eating out became a new game and eating whatever I want was just normal to me. Although I went on the smoothie diet in the summer that was something I can look back on and be proud of.  To stay fit, a little bit of motivation is needed, so why don’t you ask the gym obsessed person you know to push you to the starting line! You’ll achieve what you set out to do with a gym supervisor buddy to keep you in check! I’ll be whatsapping all my guy mates to keep me going- a lot of them are trying to stay fit for the whole entire year! Damn!

“Eat healthier” I have decided to jot down what I eat, plan before hand and cook more!

Starting off small, for example, a simple salad with your main or a smoothie with a couple of fruits for breakfast can help. Research what foods you are into and check out the healthier versions..althought I wouldn’t type in chocolate fude cake smoothered in icing as your first choice! 

I am into greens and can not wait to try all the green smoothies I have researched! It excites me that If I keep to resolutions I will look a lot better phsically and feel better too. THROW out all the junk, you honestly do not need it! A skinny person is not necessarily healthy, so do not kill yourself by not eating!  I truly believe eating healthier is a long-term process which leads to more permanent results. Reduce all the junk foods, cut down on all the fat foods. Start small for big results!

  • Write down your goals, read it everyday until you are satisfied
  • Keep some personal goals to yourself, it feels good achieving something personal in life!
  • Do not worry about the results just yet, stay focused on making it happen
  • Keep a positive mindset
  • Be happy with your progress,  “Every expert was once a beginner.” 
  • Do NOT compare, we are all at different stages in life. 
  • Focus on you!
  • Visualise the outcome.. 

I have a couple of personal resolutions which I am keeping to myself and sticking to 100% If you believe you can do it, 10/10 you can! Take off the “t” from cant. YOU CAN.

I hope you all stick to yours, let me know YOUR New Year resolutions! It’s a brand new year.. Lets make it a beautiful one!