Caffè Concerto



January 19, 2015

Hello beautiful people!

I can not wait to blog outfits, I just LOVE them so much! I love piecing outfits together, especially if it is for an occasion! Today’s post:

Restaurant: Caffe Concerto  – LOVED thei food, always well cooked and we pretty much waited what seemed 5 minutes for our food. Great service and quality 5/5

Bar: Sushi Samba- We had to wait a little while for our drinks, over 10 mintues which I disliked. But overall the cocktail was huge and so delicious! It was worth the money! 

What I wore:  H&M top and long blouse. The long blouse was from the VINTED app. I was given a £10 voucher, so I used that for this item and a skirt; I am pretty sure the total amount was under £6 for both items! Anyways, I love this blouse so much as it is easy to wear. You can style it up with a fancy going out dress, or like me wear it down for a casusal/smart look! It is always a great way to layer your outfits – it is cute! I am kind of obsessed with looking at long tops/long jumpers and long blouses recently and have bought a couple more! Since it is freezing outside it is best to layer on your outfits and still look ‘oh so stylish’!

I wore this patterned skirt from New Look which I adore SO much! It looks vintage, yet you can dress it up or down depending on your shoes and outfit altogether. It’s not tight at all and easy to wear!

I went out to meet one of my best friends who I have been friends with for 10 years now! Wow. Saying 10 years feels like a LONG time. We met at high school and have been close ever since, he is someone who understands me, is ALWAYS there for me and pretty much gives THE BEST advice ever- no sugar coat at all! I can always count on Joe, everyone should have a best friend like him and I am glad he has stuck by so long as I can be pretty diffcult sometimes when I have a problem! Thank god for real friends!  So we both decided to head into Central London to treat ourselves. We had a cocktail and then went for a tasy dinner! 

10/10 for photos Joe! Well done you! People may find it cringy to take photos when you are out and about but for us we had a laugh! 

NB: Stand up STRAIGHT when you pose for a picture and always look directly into the lens!

So we decided to take a selfie of us on the way to catching the tube.. and what!


WANT outfit IDEAS?

 Take a look here dolls: