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Hello beautiful people,

If you are a huge beauty/makeup woman, espcially if you are obsessed with MAC products, then you may have heard of “SOAR” MAC lip pencil. I am not a huge lip pencil, in fact only last year around winter time was when I had experimented more with my lips.  Nope, I haven’t had  cosmetic surgery at all… Welll, I will never consider it, but using something like a lip pencil can definitely make a slight different to your appearance.. I always look at makeup as a way to enhance your appearance.

Well, I have always loved lipglosses, lipsticks etc, but I wanted something a bit different. When I came across this lip pencil I instantly knew it was for me; it works well with skin colour and being naturally tanned I do feel like certain colours work better than others.. SOAR looks more natural with my complexion. I am literally obsessed with it right now and can not comprehend how I hadn’t of used it before. I never really feel overly excited over makeup to be honest!

But I am impressed 100% with how long it can last for, it literally stays on for more than 4 hours, even after eating! Which is a good thing for me, because I normally eat everything in the fridge all the time.. and aint nobody got time to re apply lip penicls lipsticks all the time. 

The lovely makeup artist at Kings Cross recommended SOAR to me and I trusted him to find me the best one for my skin tone and so glad he did! Then I looked up reviews online, once I had use to it just to see what lipsticks/glosses other people used with this lip pencil and found out that Kylie Jenner uses it all the time! Now all that speculation about which lip products she uses is known to me! You have to admit her makeup is flawless!

Here is what I used with the lip pencil and take a little look how I recreated the “lip job”, coughs, “lip look” which is oh so famous right now..

 I used ‘Nivea” essential care lip balm to moisture my lips before applying the lip pencil…

Go over your lips with SOAR.. do not worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but try your best!

To re create this look, I used Rimmel London PINK BLUSH.. yes it’s a lighter colour and some of you may think, “why would you use a lighter colour with a natural/darker lip pencil..”  Well, when you blend it in together it produces an amazing colour for me, personally I don’t follow all these ‘makeup’ rules, I go with the flow which works best for me.

 Go over again with the lip pencil…

 Blend it in.. As you can see the difference in shade from my hand (lip pencil) to my lips after blending it with the lipstick…

There you have it… To show the difference in shades and show the shade I created with a mix of two!

L- Lip pencil

R- Lipstick

Bottom dash is the outcome!

 Go out and take the selfies with your new look 😉

Okay… maybe not like this.. hehe

mwah xxxx

Let me know YOUR thoughts, which other MAC lip pencils do you use?? Also, which lipsticks do you use with your lip pencils too! OH and if you want me to post more beauty based posts let me know?


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