Don’t compare


Hi beautiful people.

Competition.. When you have this word in mind, you automatically think of others, whom you compete against, whom you see as competition.. Most days you compare your life, body, success to others, which we are all guilty of sometimes. But this way of thinking is envitable right? Oh, “she’s a lot thinner than myself, -I want to be as thin as her”. Oh, “her boyfriend is amazing I need to find someone attractive, successful and smart so I need to find someone 10 times better, Oh, “her outfit is amazing, I need to find something better’…You get the gist of it!  For men, it is pretty much the same wave length, in terms of appearance, women, their job you name it.. WE ALL want to be THE BEST at everything, have a better partner job.. 

But.. do you realise how you are just sabotaging your mind by thinking this way. To feel down and the need to compete against others all the time is not healthy and we should all feel good about what we actually have in life. Life is not a game. You are not going to die if someone is the “perfect” body shape and you are not. 

Negative thoughts about your life and self will have an impact to how you live. 

Once you start to mentally write down what he/she has and what you don’t you begin to loose sight of the amazing beautiful person you are.. Truthfully, it shouldn’t be a competition in a negative aspect, it can be healthy but overall it is sad when you are not happy with yourself.

Everyone is different. Everyone is amazing.

You can achieve anything you want.. Why not compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. Have you achieved anything? Compete with yourself, picture the person you want to be and strive towards it everyday. That is what I do all the time. My biggest competition is the person I strive to be everyday.

You will feel better about who you are, not against someone else. 

I hope this short message helps at least one person out there. Life is supposed to be lived, so do not live in someone else’s shadow..

Let me know your thoughts!


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