Wireless festival


July 10, 2015


XTINE LOVES… music festivals.. obviously..

Who doesn’t? 😉

NEW LOOK.. if you haven’t heard of New Look, where have you been?! Maybe, possibly, definately think you should know if you’re a #fblogger..Hehe.

Well, I was kindly given tickets from a blogger whom won tickets to see Gorgon City LIVE in Shepherds bush. The beautiful blogger couldn’t attend, which sucks! Instead replied to my willing response and went along with my beautiful brother, Adam! We had a BLAST. They were SO good live, million times better than Youtube repeats (oops)  Any music lovers out there will certainly know that when you’re in that moment listening to your favourite song live.. you are in that bubble.. (you) don’t want it to pop! Even better, when you’re a bit tip—say! *SAY WHAT*..insert a whole paragraph of alcoholic emojis.. Here are the pics, before I drag this paragraph on..

Gorgon City, you are AH MAZING!  El oh el at me, I tend to eat 24/7 all the time.. *coughs* food porn.. I was the only person to have TWO pringles one in both hands, eating away.. as you do! #notsinglepringle…


Here are the pictures.. the dress is actually from New Look.. from one of their boutiques.. Picture will be up soon!!

In basic terms: New look had tickets to small gigs, etc etc, which is basically a lead up to the wireless festival.. Just so y’know!


THEN I went to Wireless festival on Sunday.. Had a blast! Jessie J was more than amazing.. Clean bandit.. genius! So on… 

But y’all just want to know what I wore: …but first, there is always a CRAP pic, out of 300.. 

“I want to live in a festival forever”…would be decent..

Thanks to my brother, Adam for taking pictures. What an angel!

Midi skirt from republic… got it on sale years ago.. I just LOVE the bright colours.. the fact it’s a midi skirt (comfortable) and how it fits my shape just perfectly..

Bikini top: Gilly Hicks.. I just LOVE their swimwear, underwear range.. yes, I have fallen for the “brand” name…Isn’t this gorgeous..and my D’s thanked me for a piece which can fit so well! 

Top: *ummm*.. Yes, I can not remember, maybe H&M? You can wrap it up/tie it up and you can also let the lies slip.. I just thought it looked fab with the bright pink bikini and fitted so well with my body shape! Gotta look sexy.. sometimes 😉

Shoes.. Vans. light pink… oh, yah, I went all out! #blogger

Beautiful ladies who helped me pick out the treats! Love your style New Look!

I bought something quite lifechanging from Kiehls… It wasn’t this… this will be the NEXT purchase.. can you guess what it was?? next post for that 😉

David G!!!!

Then.. I wanted to add in the fuzz.. since everyone is SO obsessed with perfect pics..

INSTAGRAM:  Back on after uni (SOZ)

mini videos there… Enjoy!

 Refreshed my instagram.. Ohhh a notification.. better not be from some spam or porn account! Get following and I’ll follow you beautiess back..

Let me know which festivals you are off to this year… I may be going to one with my friend Jack and other mates this year to Reading.. Who else is attending a music festival

Let me know which cool people go to music festivals.. 😛 #coolpeopleonly #wishitwasatcoachella

The highlights of the day? Of course, seeing a few of my favourite acts performing! Your whole body shivers with excitmemt when they’re on stage; the whole “I’m YOUR biggest fan” body language comes out and the next thing you know you’re in the moment… bliss..

As the (beautiful) weather decided to be bipolar during the late evening, I took the opportunity to view other stalls. While waiting for Jessie J, my ultimate girl crush, I had the chance to check out New Look’s stall. Oblivious to the likes of the pamper section at first, my eyes gazed at their jewellery section; it was love at first sight! Dazzaling, bling bling.. It did fit. My head is incredibly small, so you can see by my facaial expression this materialistic item had me at hello.. I opted for the tattoos, my inner child came out as soon as the gold tatts were placed on my body.. One of my left cheek, long ‘Live, laugh, love’ on my right arm and a few bracelets on the left. I mean, it’s not everyday, you can look hippy and for it to be acceptable.. The whole music festival vibe and style flowed throughout the day! The New Look pamper section was an ingenus idea! I was able to top up my bronzer- bake it on hun, add gloss to my lips and pump up my hair! The bag I received says, “I wish I could live in a festival everyday”..Yes, quite preciously! A new addition to the amount of tote bags I have.. anyways, tweet me if you loved this post.. More to come ,as promised!