Lush Bath Bombs

 Hello beautiful friends!

How are you? You all know about Lush, if you haven’t where have you been?!  Life is a little bit crazy right now, good crazy, good busy.. one of those moments in life where you think, “Right, I actually need some ‘me’ time, switch off the phone.. and 3,2,1 relax. Whilst waiting for a friend I had a nose around the Lush store in Waterloo, it’s a tiny little store, it was empty at the time, so I thought why not have an impromtu shopping trip! Initially, I wanted to buy King of soap, I have been using it for years, but then randomly, I thought why not why not treat myself. I rarely do. I heard a lot about THE EXPERIMENTER online, curious to find out myself I had a good sniff of it, plus the other bat bombs. I picked up the pink treat, (THINK PINK), after a long girlie conversation with the beautiful staff member, she decided to hand over the experimenter for free.. I was like, ‘No, don’t be silly, I’ll pay, I’m not dying (lol), life is just down (at the time) right now. She refused and told me it was treat from her, (how giving!) so I was like okay, but expect me to come here more often! I went ahead and purchased the (THINK PINK) and loved them both! So, thank you Lush, forever the best staff service, ever!


The Experimenter

Bath Bomb

Original motion pictures


There is simply, always, a high level of intrigue whenever Lush bring out a new bath bomb and every single #bblogger; as it due to the mega excitment of what’s in it, what colours will be used and the beautifuls smells used! This one is the one for me, I haven’t used them all, but I knew straight away, the vibrant colours were perfectt! It is said to be the ‘bath motion picture’ along with it’s smoky strong aromas, which for me, is more suitable. Incredible experience, you can view the first picture and take your own opinions along with it, I hope you have the same opinions as me, it is unbelievable and incredible!

Think Pink:

“Blast your cares away with these pampering experiences”. 

Think Pink

Bath Bomb

Feel pretty in pink


My first reaction, “Damn, this bath bomb is a lot more romantic than guys, never seen so many confetti love hearts coming out of something, floating in my bath along with the sweet vanilla scents.” Ha! Once placed in your hot running bath, you will instantly feel so relaxed with the confetti hearts around you and the comfort of the smells blasting with tones of caramel. I felt so relaxed, with a clear mind and it had literally reminded me of spas! *insert bath emoji with hearts*. Totally would, again.

If you wanted to find out how it looks in a video; check out “lovesxtine”, instagram name, hope you enjoy!

 SO pretty, even better once it’s in your hot running bath!

I would go for this again, also, it’s affordable for everyone!

I love simply things: (lets set the scene): a warm relaxing bath, scented candles and relaxing music in the background, is sometimes, all I truly need. 

Have you tried their bathbombs? I can’t wait to try out more! I have in fact bought a couple more, so this could turn into a routine, two bath bombs every week.. We shall see!

As for more planned relaxed nights, hope I have given you some night-time inspiration! 

Take care beautiful one, 

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