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Wow, I actually can’t comprehend the fact the year is nearly up; literally flew by so fast-how?! As we approach december, I’m yet to buy myself gloves, only to find myself stocking up with new skincare products, as the existing ones are currently on its last leg, also changing up my skin care routine. Literally, I can’t believe 2016 is approaching!

I was kindly invited to a private skincare/beauty event by Nu Skin, I just jumped at the opportunity to go, as most of you know I am a huge sucker for skincare products! I love, well, cautiously say a tiny bit ‘obsessed’ with my skin. I have a few skincare product related events to go to sooooo, as you can imagine I am SUPER excited! -This one I am about to talk about was excting enough!

Anything for clear, healthier, clean, glowing skin! As mentioned previously in another blog post, (moo goo products) I had a hard time with my skin as a child/teenager, so now it’s close to ‘perfect’ it’s best to keep it in top tip condition!

The company specialises in luxury products, aimed for anti ageing products alongside their fabulous makeup range. Beyond dazzled and amazed at their chosen location, which was literally INSTAGRAM worthy! (Rosewood Hotel) Prosecco was offered straight away by the lovely men, with multi coloured macaroons (yummy); which somehow was left without the pinks or chocolates as the guys knew I loved the them (too much), so saved them just for me (aww). I was seated to learn about Nu skin, they had presentations on their laptop, so it was easier for us all to enjoy!

Education- Learnt a lot!

Entertaining- Giggles, with our drinks and food; also meeting new people!

Interesting…I learnt a lot of skin top tips, which I must share in my NEXT skincare post! You’ll love it.. and keep those secrets with you!

I felt so welcomed, which is memorable, as normally, when you go to events the event manager, organiser, or just people there don’t specifically care about you, just the event, so most people don’t have the ‘warm feeling’ theyre supposed to have. I’m talking about people not even saying hi, or initiating conversation, by nu skin were respectful to each one of us and always made conversation, so none of us felt left out! It’s great they had skin experts at hand, as I had plenty of questions, and I never felt like I annoyed them with such many, as they seem interested in what I had to say- which is refreshing as I feel at events people don’t like those deep, intellectual conversations. Going home with knowledge is the best thing, you learn and grow and overtime you share it with others!

Quick #selfie before the event..

 Here I am seating with my friend for the night, that friend, the one which is always there at events.. the alcohol (ha)

 We were placed with knowledge in our minds as soon as we sat down.. this little beauty does wonders for your skin! I’ll be posting another post soon about all their products!

 #instagramworthy table.. “chanel this chanel that…’ referenec katy perry.. “this is how do, do do do, this is how we do’..sprung up to mind when I saw this..

 Products on display; feeling like a proud skincare geek lover, the more you know the better..

 Art and designs

Whilst chewing on our canapés which I couldn’t have (salmon) sadly, but tried the duck with sauce (dry without it),my taste buds loved it, with the small cakes too! I had a nose at their products individually… I am obsessed with environtmenally products, I think it should apply to all, we live in a world where they no longer care if something is good for this world! But, unlike others, NU Skin is about looking after you and the world. Go go go greeeen (!) Some of (my) readers love all things eco-conscious, preservative-free and just organic; nothing wrong with that at all, so here I am dishing out those products for you! I’m using the three I was kindly given now, so my skin is glowing more than ever- in the winter as well, how cool is that?!

Who else is a sucker for these makeup lines.. I had to! The one at the bottom, red (of couse) and the one at top, mix between a refined light lilac and pink all do it for me! Pink, reds, I literally am a lipstick kinda girl.. and upset #upsetforlife (joke) that I was unable to decide, on a colour so I couldn’t get the lipkitbykylie.. I had a post with her inspiration in mind.. while back, says lip job- not that I had one, so I’m on the look out for when they reappear.. if you managed to get one let me know.. they had ones similar to the second to last on my hand! Isn’t the colour SO pretty (!)

Gifted with the big brush, lipgloss and bronzer were amazing treats.. I can’t wait to show you guys in the future post!

 Moving on swiftly, these products are proving to be exceptionally amazing in my life right now.. Yes!

The Nu Skin team were more than amazing, it’s not everyday you come across people who are genuinely interested in their work and helping others with their skin.. I found most people give advice, but they don’t want to know more about your skin in different seasons and your diet. Nu skin taught me a lot, I was enlightened and heavily captured each top tips! I must say, I always take care of my skin, it’s imperitative to do so, if you do it’s impressive – especially in thie day and age where people just rely on their makeup wipes- in the long run, when you’re 40 you’ll still have great skin! So, I would advise checking them out if you want furthre information! My skin felt, honestly, smooth, clean and glowed; I left the event without makeup and still felt more than confident!

 After the skin demonstration… clear healthier soft skin.. I filmed it.. so that should be up soon!

 Yummmmmm, you can see my favourites here!

I adore the interior design, I feel like this would be a perfect ‘down time’ section in my future house.. simplistic, yet beautiful pieces covered everywhere… candle lit with a few of my favourite fragrances and flowers..

Have you checked out Nu Skin?

I’ll post more in the future on the brand, so watch out for it!

Take care, enjoy your week.. speak soon?


Pssssst.. I’m not finished yet, sharing the moments. I also had a little shoot.. take a look (why not)

 smiles all round! Thanks Gem!!!! xx

I managed to film their essential oils, which always reminds me of home and my grandmas, sweet smells are the always the best. I had painted my (whole) hand with similar scents so I was literally all around the room like a flower! I think these would make perfect christmas presents, for someone who is into their scents, I gladly would take a few for my mother!

There was a choice of 7 essential oils to choose from and I chose to go for the Harmony scent. harmony of course, as I do have a hectic lifestyle! The cinnamon scents captured me, it kinda reminded me of a the best, warm christmas feeling, perfect fit for this time of year (my favourite time of year) and cinnamon twirls! Mmmmm!

Our mini photoshoot was a blast, it reminded me of the Fashion block shoot I had, so a couple within a few weeks of each other really made me excited to show you guys on my blog! Gem, whom I had a long chat with, (shes amazing) amazing photographer, whom is also into style, had great direction when we had the shoot! I knew straight away the pictures would look amazing as I took a sneak peak into 1 (or 4) she had taken and I would want another shoot! (hopefully)

I definitely will be recommending Nu Skin to family and friends, also everyone reading this check them out, even if it’s not for you, your christmas present list would easily go down, as their is something for you! Maybe, an impromtu shop online?

Are you into beauty or skincare??!
What are your favourite skin care products?

Thank you Nu Skin!

Photography by Gemma Reynolds

I was gifted with the most generous goody bag ever, literally took both hands to take home, so much content, so I’ll have to drop it in a future post after using it all! Here are a few photos- from NU skin, which were in the bag!

Little teaser..

gifted...& more..teaser
Glacial Marine Mud

Lastly, I loved my time with NU Skin event and I have completely fallen in love with their products; there is literally something for everyone from people in their 20s (22)

I have been using some of their skin care for the past week now and I have already noticed that my skin feels so much healthier, with the sheer glow…  I would definitely recommend giving their products a go! All products can be purchased from the NU Skin website

Thank you again for inviting me NU Skin, you amazed me from go! Can you guys wait for the review.. obviously you can 😉

So, in summation, I’m off to do a bit of online shopping, while the sales are on.. edit a few posts.. update insta, catch me over on instagram: LOVESXTINE, rsvp to invites (christmas party, spa day and few blog events) and catch up with scream queens, before a book in bed after my shower.. phew what an evening!

Kisses and snuggles, hope you had an amazing week so far.. wrap up warm guys its cold outside and talk soon 😉


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