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Oh oh what do you have here, you ask.. Well, I have only featured all my current hair care favourite products I use constantly and can not seem to live without right now.. Can not live without!

Relax.. sit back and take notes.. I’ve got(cha) back for new good products which are indeed affordable products! (except Aveda) Bingo!

#hairselfieready looking good: You will do after using these products!

I am obsessed with hair products, I have to admit, I treat my hair as if it is royalty a lot more recently, okay exaggerating much, but I do treat it very often.. except a trim, I don’t want a single bit off, unless otherwise! Someone make me do it, now! Anyways, I was very tempted to cut off a huge chunk a month, looking back at how I used to have my hair 5 months into university, extremely short, but I couldn’t bring myself to it again.. Growing it out for a year and a half now, made me realise how much I enjoyed straightening it, curling it and having big long-ish hair! Back to my girly ways. Not too sure if I had mentioned it, but going towards my second year of university, which feels like ages ago, I decided to dye my hair.. A LOT. Lets say with dark brown hair, I hadn’t of bothered to bleach it, continous hair dye sessions kept the colours changing without the need to, somehow, but now I am left with the consequences of those crazy hair dry as the sahara days! My hair can become extremely dry, I dyed it around 3 months ago, jet black, so that is coming out, with the other faded colours, so keeping it nourished, healthy and shiny can be a chore.. but not with these products. Literally. A. God Send.

A healthy diet is not the only one way to keep it looking insanely envious, but feeding it some good ingridents daily can improve it quickly! I have been using everything under the sun, brands I still use to this day, but I am always on a look out for more brands to try out. I was honestly impressed with the products I had received from the recent amazing bloggers event, some in the year and from last year.. Also, I have added products I have bought myself too and will continue to do it, because quite frankly my hair looks like #hairgoals right now.. I wish, but the results look good enough for my mum, without an insult thrown in, “hair looks awful, too dry”, now its, “wow, what have you used”?!  

Natural World:

I have never used Natural World products before, never heard of it, until the blogger festival event. I am so glad I came across it! As someone who battles with dry/crap/help me everyday hair, it is vital for me to look after it everyday, condition it all the time and always use hair masks. .. I was very impressed with these three triple (oh alitteration moment) products; there is visual clear evidence with my hair, I want to buy the products once I am done with them! Praise the lord, hey! I just love how a small amount can make such a huge difference; these products have given me hair confidence. When your mum asks what have you used on your hair, it looks the best it has ever, you know you have found a winner! So the hyration and shine product is a miracle, in a tiny bottle! After washing hair, (or not), apply a good two pea size squeezes into your palm and ease it into your hair (damp, if possible) and get into the ends as much as possible. Once you have throughly engaged the product into your hair, blow dry, not too near to your hair, on medium heat point then work your way up and down blow drying it. Brush it a few times, then you’ll see the difference in a matter of seconds. Mine felt so healthy, clean and I love how it looks amazing, what a treatment itself and a treatment for dry/dull hair! I have a life, so my hair has one now.Give it a try lovely, you will not be disappointed. I honestly, had not expected this outcome, so I can safely say I was impressed.

Beauty works  (Shh, beautiful Michelle Keegan uses and loves it too!)

10 in 1 miracle  spray (from lookfantastic gift) given lookfantastic gift from dm bloggers event! (I had blogged about the event, if you are interested)

“The Beauty Works Miracle Spray is a Ten in One spray with a combination of Argan, Linen Seeds and Macadamia that will leave hair feeling nourished and conditioned as well as protect hair from heat and repair dry, damaged hair”. There was a huge difference when I tried it out, I use it while I have damp hair, blow dry and it comes out conditioned and repaired my dry hair!

“Fortified with argan and macadamia, the innovative formula replenishes lost oils in the hair and helps to eliminate frizz, restore mirror-like shine and prevent split ends.

Enhancing your hair’s natural body, the conditioning 10-in-1 spray will leave your hair repaired, nourished and full of life. Perfect to use on hair extensions before styling to keep them looking their best. – K.N.

10 Benefits:
Eliminates frizz.
Restores shine.
Replenishes oils.
Protects from heat.
Prevents split ends.
Enhances natural body.
Repairs dry, damaged hair” These points had me mentally ticking each one off! Thanks Lookfantastic!

CC cream 10-IN-1 complete correction- Leave in hair perfection.. What a mouthful. What a complete life saver right now! 10 points are:

1) Moisture – I completely agree with reviews online, nodding my head along to top reviews, as it feels 100% moisturised in a non-greasy way. Smells a bit like a stonger treseme product, it is perfect to use when you have dryed your hair at 70% , in the middle of damp hair/ nearly dry hair. Lock in some of the water with this product, then bang it will leave it looking healthy/ shiny and smooth. 

2) Shine- When I have this on, I think, go on hair, shine bright like a diamond, especially in the sun, looks like one of those instagram #hairgoals pics, no really, you’ll see a difference and think where the -have you been all my life Mr?!

3) Smoothness- 100% smooth! My mum confirmed this too, by the way! 4) Softness, confirmed and I would say for softness use it when your hair is completely dry, so the product is left in, it will stay on longer, and you want that, right?! 5) UV protection- I guess if it’s on the bottle, then it’s right! Bonus points for that, even if we do not care about UV protection or not, we are just glad it says so! 6) Manageability -Easy to do the (insert, Sassy hair flick) better at flicking, parting and of course brushing! No more crazy tangles! 7) Strength, honestly, I don’t take my hair to the gym, Ha, so I wouldn’t know if its strong or not, but again, if it says so I guess we can go with the flow. 8) Anti-breakage, my hair rarely ‘breaks’, so I have not experienced it so, so I guess we can all agree this point isn’t relevant to my own experience.. 9) Heat protection- HELLO, we all need this, it’s okay, girl, if you haven’t yet protected it.. I have only started protecting my hair for the last two years, properly, yeah, not a top #bblogger hey!


What I love about this product, in particular, is the fact it leaves your hair feeling clean;  the scalp revitalizer does its job well! My hair feels a lot thicker, no small patches left, it really leaves the hair feeling ten times better as it worked for me in the last month! University and work, was extremetly stressful simultaneously, so not paying an awful amount of attention to my appearance, espeically hair, away from work left me with the worst condition ever. Once this bottle is over, I will definately save up to buy more, I have seen a difference which has given me hair confidence, unlike others and helped my scalp 100% If you have thin, dry, patchy hair I would recommened this -worth the penny! If I hadn’t been given this, but had a sample which showed results, I would buy it!

On the website it says: 

  • “Helps energise and rehabilitate the scalp around the follicles when massaged in.
  • A blend of vitamin E ingredients is proven to help accelerate microcirculation with therapeutic massage.
  • Creates the optimum environment for healthy hair”.  100% to each one!

Two products, I absoutley love, love, love love, can I mention love one more time? L O V E. (ok, done)

Kuku oil conditioner…

I have fallen for this condition, I use it all the times! The best isn’t exactly the best, but my hair feels million times better than any other conditioner I have used! It looks more lively, defined and shiny!

The gloss, in glossy from this product should be written all over the bottle, I swear this it a genius invention ever, for a conditioner! I would say, use it 3 times a week, no more!

Jersey Bounce

I have heard a lot about Lush hair products; being a huge lush bath/body fan, I wanted to try out their hair range! When you have been using the same shampoos/conditioners forever, even if you are tempted to try another, you always stick to what you know best.. or what your mother does! I opted to try it as a sample, then had bought out my curiousity, asked heaps of hair-related questions to the staff and they all agreed on this little beauty! I bought this and have never felt better about purchasing it! 

I love the scrub on my scalp and throughly making sure each piece of hair gets a good scrub is crucial. Make sure you lather it in deeply! Big hair, shiny and the honey makes it look so incredible! I am obsessed with it!

Hair perfume: Herra. 

I received this beauty a year ago.. I have nearly finished the 1/2 bottles I kindly was gifted, let me tell you, it is the only hair perfume I use. I was a little naive about hair perfumes, for me, I just used a little of my own perfume on my hair; I realised it was a bit overpowering, if I had used some on my neck/clothes etc. With this beauty, you only need one spray and it lasts all day (no top up). Floral, light, petal fragrances, you will never want to replace it! I have a full new bottle left, so you can tell as I use it nearly every day, it will last for a long time, worth the money!

‘A revlotionary product with weightless, protecting and hydrating ingredients accompanied with the Herra epsilon signature fragrance’. Also, yes, it protects the hair against UV damage, olive fruits stated on the bottle says, it is rich antioxidants that help protected against pollution, which is great if you live in London, in the big smoke!

Heat protection spray and hair spray:

I just love how amazing it can hold your hair up, as well, as protecting it from the heat. I have reviewed it in a post from last year, I can safely say I have purchased a couple more, as I am always straighening my hair! Protect it, use it as often as possible.. Umberto products are the best for all occasions, on all hair types!

Trick: Use a little when you have damp hair, before you blow dry your hair, it will dry quicker! No problem, in advance.. 😉 

Last, but not least, shine!

Shine bright like a diamond ladies! My brother, Adam, knew exactly what to get me for my birthday last year, so I was more than happy to try use it asap! Ultimately, I would say, use it, whenever you have an event/birthday/somewhere special to go to, don’t use it all the time! It gives transparent-ish glitterly glow and leaves it looking red carpet style! Glossy hair, #hairgoals in no time girls! No honestly, you’ll thank me later..

Let me know what you use! Please, please do tell me if you have found amazing hair products, I am always on a look out for more! Similar to all those fancy dancy shine mists, but, can assure you, unlike many I have tested over and over again, it doesn’t leave your hair greasy looking if you know what I mean.. Incredibly super light weight, sparkles come to life on your soft hair!

What do you use? 

Love you all!


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