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I hope you’ve enjoyed my #style #ootd (#annoyingtags) posts recently, I have had a lot of fun blogging about them. As you know, if you don’t, then #unfriend you, no all jokes aside, I started blogging -my first step, in 2012… I never thought it was a ‘thing’, or become a ‘thing’… It had always started with fashion/style/personal style/ what I’m loving.. so going back to my roots of all XTINELOVES, I was so excited to be invited and enjoy a fashion style event! I still get uber excited whenever I am invited to an event, I don’t think the excitment wears off.. not for me anyways, I love meeting new people bloggers, PRs, designers, creative directors etc, I just love the whole creative vibe! The evening ahead was well planned out, organised to every detail and everyone was super friendly!  Even though it was a small private intimate event, it was, for me, just perfect; the right location, organised, had the best bloggers, whom I’ve become friends with (planning out night together soon) and had some amazing activties! It wasn’t one of those events where everyone is in their own little formed groups, or a bunch of walking cliche bloggers, everyone made an effort with everyone!

After an exciting friday late morning/afternoon importnat audition, I headed off to have a catch up/lunch with my brother, Adam it was pure bliss as we ventured to the Wellcome Museum.. I will for sure blog about it shortly.. Then, without doubt, I was super excited to quickly dress up in the toielts (not so classy) in a perfectly new outfit from Miss Selfridges playsuit (very classy).. It was situated in Kaizo Hair Studio in Shoreditch.. I adore shoreditch, if you read my tweets I have been all over shoreditch app, even went to their event, so, anything in shoreditch will have my interest straight away! We celebrated the diversity of eastern european designers, infactuation is the word.. every piece had its story, it’s own mark and I could possibly see myself modelling in some just for ‘the blog’, and on nights out! It was a private beauty and fashion party, so it was refreshing to know we could walk about without the crowded thought in our heads! Beautiful makeup artists and Kaizo team worked super hard to make the night look more glam that it started off with! Everyone looked so glam!

Private photoshoot was another real winner! It made the whole night even more personalised which will make this event stand out more than the rest of the events I have been to over the past few years… Not because it’s a shoot, because they thought about us individually, asked us to pick out a piece and collaborate with the designer that one night, which for me is so lovely. They also injected the interactivity also, by uploading selfies/pictures of the presents to giveaway- how generous?! These were special designer pieces which you can not find just anywhere! We were treated with special goodybags,  beauty products such as Laura Dailideniene ‘Daili’ pins, Silk Philosophy silk bracelets, Smart Booby colourful socks and natural beauty products by Uoga Uoga. I loved the hair care products and the socks! I can’t go to bed without socks, or just not wear socks, basically I hate walking around without socks/or shoes, so lets say these came in handy (lol)… I genuinely had a really good time and so glad I decided to head to the event and not go home! It’s always the night I feel tired after a long day where there is an event to go that turns out to be amazing! Note to self: always attend an event, even if you’re too tired to go to, it will wake you up! (ha)

Sipped on run and bosca and the beautiful Saule made the night flow so well, what an amazing woman! She made everyone feel welcome and the event was 10/10!

Adam, oh you, what an amazing photographer, same name and same talent as my brother! Amazing photography, thanks million for capturing our photos and had the will to understand what snapchat is By myself and Ana.. (haha) I loved the random snaps taken of me, quite natural and a laughing picture will always make me remember this event! -Different, unique, celebrated a true mark in design and truly generous.. we were also gifted to a free haircut… those split ends will have a BUH BYE felicia soon.. 😉


Beautiful shot.. I adore the coat.. this is something out of the ordinary, which for me is special.. more ‘photoshoots’ which are spontateous and different shall commence.. *thought mentally noted*…

 *me playing around with shades*.. 1st, or 2nd?

 Grey nail polish from True Brit London… makeup rimmel and benefit..

Hope to work with the FB team soon, check out their pages:

TWITTER: fsahionbloc

INSTAGRAM: fashionbloc

Fashion Bloc team



CREDIT: Photos by Adam Mastroianni) – please do check out this site, fashion bloc’s site: http://www.fashionbloc.co.uk/news/post/private-fashion-bloc-launch

Photos of me personally, HUGE thank you to Edek Goralski, amazing to work with, very professional bubbly and easy to work with! His Instagram @edekgoralski..

Right, so a few beauty/food posts coming up this week…

As always, thank you for taking interest, reading through and just being a good buddy!

Have a good tuesday, make someone smile, make their day…

Kisses and hugs, talk soon?


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