Hello beautiful friends!

How was your Tuesday? I hope you’ve had a good one!  Mine was busy, life is a little bit exciting right now, can’t wait to reveal all soon!

Bank station? Forge? Does it come to mind? I hope so. If not, you are missing out, if you love your meat!

You may have your own opinions on bar food, which is totally fine; I’m guessing your own thoughts are based on drunken nights/food served on an empty purpose to prepare for their customers. I was eager to try out thier food, as I read a heap of reviews which tempted me. I actually tried to make a booking at the end of last year, but they were so busy, I guess with the opening happening and the buzz around the new bar! Most people steer clear of the food prepared at bars, but I can safely say, spolier alert, sorry in advance, it was truly amazing.

It was formally known as Abacus, the ‘legendary’ bar in central London. I know this because I worked around Bank for a couple of years and always happened to be around the area, as friends worked nearby and I knew a lot of people in the industry who had plenty of discounts on food around. So, as you can guess, top quality food, expensive as hell, massive discount can not go a miss! When I was contacted to come down, I was more than happy to, especially with their 50% on main meals, selective few were not part of this, but it was a fair deal! The interior design is completely different, it has a different feel, more relaxed, classy and for sure presentable approach to it, as to how it once was!

Food and cocktails:

The cocktails were on a 2 for 1, mine was very fruity and cool! I would have loved it if it was a bitstronger, but it was the nevermind, enjoy it as it is. I could have easily went to add an extra two the ones I had- very refreshing!
Ribs… You probably think I am in love with ribs, I am. I remember at university, I went through this phase of eating so many in a month, I practically was amazed at how I was not sick of eating it. I don’t think I will ever be! It was cooked to perfection, I managed to finish it all, at a very slow pace, it was not a delicate portion. The chips and corn on the cob were okay, I wish there were hot, just how I like it, but apart from that I really enjoyed the meal. The service was a 10/10, friendly staff, inviting and always asked if we were okay, and if the meal was good along with topped up water, always at your service- which I love. Nothing more annoying than staff who don’t come around to ask how you are, check on the food and keep you happy! I would 100% go back for more, or opt for a different meal. I want it right now, that’s how you know it was worth it!

Rating: 4.5/5!

Have you been before?

Let me know! -Totally creeping into the #foodblogger, I just eat all the time, is she preparing for man vs food right now.. I can’t even apologise for the amount of food I eat daily, if I had to blog it, you would think I have an entire family! Ha

Thanks to the lovely Maddie for inviting us, see you again!

Take care lovely, go out and treat yourself!



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