Hello beautiful people,

How is everyone coping with the weather change, and not seeing the light anymore. Winter is officially here! This is the time where I predominantly love to stay at home and cook.. but when you come across a restaurant you’re really into, then it’s worth venturing out into central!

I was kindly invited to mangal 1.1 in Shoreditch month and half ago; the invite popped up in my inbox and I was excited to be able to check it out! It’s not everyday you receive an invite asking if you want to sample free the whole menu of food with your friends! So for sure, I appreciated it! I was eager to try it out, as I love Shoreditch, I already had high expectations..

I went along with Joe, and two blogger friends Urika and Shante! It’s lovely going with friends, you can just let your hair down, catch up over a glass of wine and tuck into some treats! I was a bit overwhelemed by the fact I had my name placed on the table with my blog, so it was a personalised event and there was only one other blogger who was invited.. so I definately felt a bit special, which, in a humbe way is lovely as you work so hard on you blog, to be given an exclusive treat means a lot..

The overall whole scene, is very ‘Shoreditch style, cool and trendy’. Based on the energetic atmosphere, Rivington Street, you can’t miss it! You immediately feel welcome, as it has a down to earth feel to it, with a tad of glistening romance with thier candles lit..

From the ‘all you can eat starter’,  juicy salads and with me asking for ‘more bread please’, to the main and lastly dessert, it’s worth it! Turkish food is always a winner, but this was a lot better. Fresh, well cooked and all the tastes had us wanting a little bit more than we could handle! It was a fun filled night, also given tickets for their comedy, which is situated on the left hand side of the bar.. also bands- hello, you wouldn’t want to leave, it’s all there- so in all, a wow entertainment was a plus!

*squeels*  my baby (blog) and plus 3 friends haha… This cocktail was very freshing!

 I’m pigging out here!

Prices are reasonable, for what it is worth, you should come here!

Salads… were lush!

 Round 1 was delicious!

 Handing over each one, for the next buddy to enjoy!

 Obviously choosing the next dish.. yumm!

 10/10 exceptionally well cooked and presenterd to perfection.. too tasty to explain!

 Friends 🙂

Going out with friends…. best idea!

 These pictures definately show our personality

(because Im a little crazy right.. and life shouldn’t be taken too seriously..)

 You can tell we always have fun.. Thanks Shante for taking this candid picture.. Our private jokes are the best

Hope you loved this post.. shall I post more for all those #foodies?! *insert all food emoji pictures*.. still waiting for the day bacon is added, for now catch ya soon!

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Have an amazing week.. remember life is short, so live it!


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