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STYLE// Feelin’ blue, are you? (Forver 21, River Island and Select)

October 20, 2015XTINE

Hello beautifil people,

I’m the total opposite of feelin’ blue.. I’ve actually got my health in top tip condition.. I sound like a total chair right now.. anyways, I am uber excited for this week.. all shall be revealed soon.. So, I’m in a very good mood right now.. 
God, I just love autumn so much right now. In such a good mood, I decided to treat myself to a little dress; I randomly styled the Forever 21 dress along with a jacket I’ve had for years, (no seriously) years and heeled boots.. Forver (21), picking out pieces from years ago, once unloved to loved, that kinda love. I found this dress to be quite dressy, but thought it would look a million times better dressed down, don’t you agree? (say yes)

Ha… ok, so the boots (totally kinda made for walking) are from Select, Jacket from River Island and Dress from Forver 21 lovely!

Next, less on the writing (for now), more on the pictures.. I hope you enjoy them! Let me know your thoughts on @workxtine (TWITTER) and lovesxtine (INSTAGRAM) 

Totally being a (typical) blogger and (squeels) “loving” the autumn colours/clothes/backgrounds right now..

Going grey (I dred the day), but had to with the nails.. such a dull colour, I know, but I kind of love it in a weird way.. I have so many colours to show you.. they literally lasted me all week, very impressed with the nail polishes from True Brit London! I’ll most definately feature them in my end of mont (October) post! I was treated so well by them, so thank you, a milion True Brit.. I’ve only had my nails done (acrylic)  once, hated them, painted by people quite a lot, but I prefer to do it myself.. yes, low maintence in that way.. #sorrywouldratherspendmoneyonfoodthanfakenails..

For now, enough of my rambles (sorry in advance), enjoy the photos.. double cringe with me with the smiley picture, didn’t you know I love having my photo taken.. (bad joke).



(colours are so autumn) #fblogger! 

 (True Brit London) A British nail enamel range, proud of being British, as I am! Their shades are beautiful, seriously try them out! From “oldest heritage roots and fashionable contemporary colour hues”.. Mine so far, red, grey, blue and light pink!  *Box gifted.. more information in end of month post.


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