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True Brit London

True Brit London

Hello, how are you?!

I hope you’ve had a good week.. Mine is going very well.. yet to buy a single Christmas present yet, but that’s okay as we are creeping up to Black Friday… 

Well, as you know by the display picture, this is a beauty post.. So, if you’re not into nail polishes, majority of guys (not like they would read it), then stop right now.. (thank you very much 😉

I was very fortunate enough to be one of the ‘lucky ones’, gifted very kindly by True Brit London team with a huge box of nail polishes, perfect gift for any females out there.. Hint hint, christmas gift! Personally, I believe this is a gift for any female, it can literally last a lifetime!

Current favourite: I’m loving the nudes right now!

Nail polishes… 

caviar base coat- light pink

country life -redish pink

stately home -blood red

pall mall- dark purple 

plum pudding -light purple 

waterloo- lilac

park lane-  dark green 

crown jewels- gold

bulldog -grey

gloss top coat- clear

When I first tried these polishes on, it immediately reminded me of Essie polishes, which I’ve been tusing for some time now. These are luxury items you need in your life. After using majority of te colours for 2 months now, I can safely say they DO last, they don’t have that cheap look at all, and most importantly have a colour designed for a season/party theme- so plenty to choose from. 

The bottle itself looks stylish and beautiful, it’s a great addition on your makeup/bedside table.. pure beauty!

From the ingredients to the overall look, also even the British names placed under the individual bottles, some of my favourites are Waterloo and Bulldog.

I purely like the fact that brush head is quite small, easy to adjust paiting side, which itself is great because you can perfect like it like a true mani girl!  Quick dry, perfect for someone like me (lol), as I hate (with a passion) waiting, waiting for my nails to dry.. Truly safe to say they in the top five with Essie, nails inc and revlon..  All the colours are designed carefully and so pigmented and glossy! After, I would say, 2 coats, the gloss coat is a game changer.. you see a whole new level of #nailgoals! Haha, so don’t forget to purchase! 


 ALWAYS put on your True Brit Gloss coat.. It’s a magic addition!

 Christmas, tis the season to dress up, dolls!

 Three is the magic number.. especially in this christmas season case.. three perfect colours.. be dazzled! 😉 *insert winky emoji*…

Love always,

better start on the nails for tonight.. 😉

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