Happy New Year… Well, I’m back lovelies! I know, it’s been a month, I know, shi*t.. A lot has happened in the past month. I desperately, needed time to myself- to be myself again. Now, everything is (realistically) back to ‘normal’, I have thought about blogging, vlogging and all that shabang! So, I’m back.. and *finally doing me* (8) 

I love tank tops, anything simple will do for me, I’m not into ‘fancy’ tops, over the top, or huge slogans.. I guess that’s the only basic bitch thing about me.. But, for a weird random turn I wanted to throw out majority of my clothes; start a fresh new wardrobe! Girly.. is for sure not in my vocabulary when it comes down to describing my look… I’m not into florals, pastels, or flowers.. but this top with tie neck really grabbed a nerve in my body.. it’s gorgeous and displays an effrotless attempt to look very classy.

I love the double layer and how it fits so perfectly, not too tight ot too loose, and you can wear the tie up or leave it hanging down! 

Zara- I’m slightly, worryingly obsessed with the store right now.. I can’t wait to show you the next outfit.. it’s a dress 😉 hint hint, of course..

 Looking rather excited posing with this cup! This was taken quite recently at the London Health Show with my team, whom helped me film for the day and of course take photos.. Images credited: Shivante Dryden:

 Contrast of dark and light.. pretty! The light oversized floral top is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, as you can dress it up or down! 

 The double layered top is prefect for those whom wants to add a bit of a shape to thier body. This is now, my ultimate all time favourite top now! The slit at the back adds a sexy touch to it, too!

 In the style black high knee heeled boots.. (what a mouthful)..but they are so glam, (surprisingly) comfy and of course can fit well into any style!

 Sexy, even when you’re wearing jeans (Urban outfitters/cheap monday)

Caption: “Should I wear this for Valentines or not…” (lol)

Thanks again for being so patient with me, for reading and keeping up to date.. A new style post coming soon!

“Beauty comes from within, love yourself and those around you; you’ll see a change when your beauty touches hearts” -XTINE


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