Hello everyone, listening to – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t2tjNqGyJI

I hope you’re all well, I’ve just come back from work & gym- so I’m pretty tired tbh.

How amazing is this playsuit, finally, something that actually fits my figure, gorgeous print, leaves me change for pret and gives those puppies some actual support, ha. No, but seriously, I do love finding “that one” outfit. Gah. Anyways, as always I appreciate being invited to some cool events, they are pretty epic- if you go along with friends; most will always make sure you’re left tipsy, so a a respectable half a glass or 4  glasses- pretty normal! I was kindly invited to the madame lala event in Oxford Circus- basically, it was an event for thier new spray tans/ makeup kit (bronzer etc). I fell in love with the bronzer which I will buy and have not tried thier tanning kit yet. The staff had given me one bottle to try, so will give it a go soon! The interior designs were simply ‘instagram worthy’, so apologies for the double blink moments you’ll have along with the ‘what is she doing in these pictures’ pondering on my choice of photos taken.. sorry, not sorry! Each area of the hotel, Sanderson Hotel was gorgeous, everything from mainstream pop to old fashion 70s! Ana and I, whom I brought along with me as a plus one had so much fun, as weird as we are together enjoyed the evening of doughnuts (3), sickened by that, champagne, doughnut cream down our faces (which looked like something else, eh) while simultaneously being papped and snap chatting ourselves. For some reason, I am yet to be approved on a celebrity photography site, as you need an approved profile to see the papped pictures.. hmmm… so I can’t show you them (nice photos, obvs)…It was in a hotel room, so evidently, it was quite exclusive and small. Nevertheless, everyone seemed to enjoy their evening!

Playsuit: H&M.. around £30!

 Need this in my future house!


We ended up having our dinner at a restaurant & briefly talked about happiness.. we’re kinda ‘random’ like that! Previously, (sounds as if my life is in a documentary), Ana received some nasty remarks about how she uses pretty pictures on Instagram when discussing serious issues like mental health. Sorry, Felicia, just because Ana uses pretty pictures, as she is naturally, doesn’t deflect discussing serious topics. We noted the two girls, were just unhappy in their life to cause drama and attract attention, predictable (as they’re not widely popular online). Happiness comes from within, sadly people in the world can’t handle those who are enjoying their lives. Happiness, doesn’t mean your life is perfect, it means you look beyond perfection and appreciate the imperfections.

Drama is out of my life, to declutter, metaphorically speaking, means to take out anything which makes you unhappy.. a relationship, friends, family, work, anything which turns that smile upside down.

Focus on what makes you happy, not others. Seriously, with this one life we have, why would you want to be unhappy? And never make someone else a priority over your happiness. I have also started Youtube, properly this time, professional line of work; it’s a start to a new journey ahead which I am utterly excited for!

I love the photos I have chosen to upload on my social media, I love my blog, I love how I have had so may experiences and many more to come from blogging alone. I have never cheated, relationship, friends, life in general, so why would I cheat in the blogging world? I know many bloggers who are unhappy, just because they don’t have 10K followers, or invited to exclusive events. Be happy with where you are, how far you have come and what’s coming up. Most of the time, these followers, or appearances online are fake, they’re not organic at all. Be happy with the work you have online, others appreciate it, so make sure you do too.. Don’t go out of your own way to change for others, certainly don’t go out of your way to have a quick fix to become ‘Instagram famous’. Respect yourself, your knowledge, your art and most of all your work. I recently checked my inbox (I rarely do) on Instagram, a randomer, (no surprise there) sent me a message which I had to accept to view said: “we want to see more than just your cleavage! I expect you to get nude so we know what you look like under those layering of clothing”… woah. Ok, firstly NO and who the hell are you to demand me to ‘get nude’. Never will that happen- Piss right off. I am simply not going to reply, why would I!

I am happy with revealing how much I do, whether it’s parts of my life, or body. I had been offered (not by this guy) a sum of money to ‘pose sexy and partly naked’ for an instagram popular glam mag account.. I declined, with no regrets. I am happy with knowing my limits, having dignity online and lastly, knowing I am in control of my life. Thats important, in fact very important. Happiness is within, you have the control whether you lead a happy one or not..

Respect tastes better than attention.. so I’m happy with my life!


don’t forget to click on my link in BIO; love you all and thanks again for reading. If I could hug you all that continue to read I would.

xxxx until next time 😉

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