BFI Stephens Street Kitchen, Fitzrovia London.

Hello beautiful people!

So by the sounds of the title, this is obviously about fish, BUT also how easy it is to cook! Seriously.. so easy mine was made by a six year old in the resturant.. NO joke!  No It was not child labour either! ha

After work me and my colleague took a chance over at Stephen’s kitchen where there was a promotion about how easy cooking fish really is, from the saucy fish co! Hence why it was made by a six year old.. because it IS simple.

For me being a full time Uni student, whenever I get time to cook I normally cook for 5,000 -literally and freeze it so all I need to do is heat up to save time; but coming across this new brand I have found other ways of saving time and being healthy too! Bingo!

I am a full time student.. I work and involved with many work projects.. so you can do the math. I have no time for myself majority of the days. Being a third year student is beyond stressful, 12,000 word dissertation which involves a lot of research 100% focus and then my last unit to focus on with exams and assignments. Then with work I need the energy to perform well and involves being assertive and talking so a good healthy diet for me especially is vital. A healthy diet can be hard to keep up as a student but I do my best! I know others who are in the same position where time is not on their side and quite frankly can be quite frustrated they do not have the luxury of time to use to cook up a great meal. We can all be tempted now and then by those greasy takeaways, they may seem to be tasty but they are not exactly healthy! The Saucy Fish Co’s range is perfect if you like fish, or intriguded to find out about a simple yet tasty healthy meal which can happen within 20 mintues!

This is a pre-cooked meal, so obviously you can eat it straight out of the packet which is very ideal for those who do not have time at all! I would advise you to add some tasty sweet potato which I am obsessed with right now, along with some greens! I honeslty was amazed at how fast it was cooked and served, how tasty it was as a pre-cooked meal and how easy it was to deliver.

By writing this up, my mouth right now is salivating just by the pictures.

I hope you give it a try and please let me know if you are cooking up a storm! @workxtine

BFI Stephens Street Kitchen, Fitzrovia London.