New Look Press Event


June 15, 2016XTINELOVES

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I love high street brands, affordable, trendy and most importantly can wear it over and over again and never get bored or styling it up in different ways.. Although, I have seen a huge change in the New Look range and have become obsessed with many pieces!

I love bags, I am a simple woman when it comes to bags, black, dark browns anything ranging from navy to black… Designs? Hardly any! But when I entered the press room, I couldn’t take my eye of this beauty! I believe all women should have some ‘out there’ bags, a bit different, over the top and just effortlessly cute. I love the stick on prints, reminds me of camden and Shoreditch!

While looking around punk princess, urban, etc, areas in the clothes range; I came to the conclusion I was more punk princess… A bit edgy but a with a touch of princess!

These are a few of my favourite pieces, I can not wait to do a bit of shopping in New Look soon..

What an incredible range- right up my street! I LOVE the jacket and want it to badly!