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Hello lovelies!*

Hope you’re all well enjoying your summer? Mine.. well lets just say -so far- touchwood *find wood*ok.. is the best summer EVER! And hoping next year will be better!

Although I’ve had some extreme lows, I’ve touched based with a couple but have not even told my brother about the rest, so excuse me if I’m in and out of social media..  But, I have had some extreme highs; makes me want to relive it all! Summer is almost over so I am taking advantage of the sun!

Maybe you’ve clicked this to actually gain some insight into making a good impression, right.. or just curious to see what I have to say.. either way- Enjoy this long post! AND thank you for reading *monkey emoji face*

Well, we all know that in the psychology of ‘firsst impression’,it really is all about the first five seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ..that’s it.. no likey no lighty and never a possibility of ending up in Isle of Fernando’s..” -buhfelicia

SO: Eyes meet, they look up and down, so do you.. digest their words and body language.. Those seconds can never be changed, it can’t be altered at all.. quite scary.

You know you’ll be heavily judged, from your face, to body, to clothes, how you speak, what you say.. the lot (!)

We gather information quickly, judging can be crazy right? People judge me all the time, I may judge them a little too, subconsciously-  If I have my bitch face on, or my ever so smiley looking like Miley, people will have their own opinions!

Most of the time, first impressions do not depict the truth.. most of us are far off.. You don’t know the person, but you can always give the best impression!

You’re judged, as you judge in return straight away; people do not realise that they make assumptions and form simple judgments about someone’s qualities before you even set eyes on each other. Online, say for instance, ‘Tinder’, as I, (was) previously a self proclaimed Tinderalla.. No shame- it was all fun and if not for that I wouldn’t have met some amazing people.. I had the complete freedom to say whatever I wanted in my bio-something cheesy and petty like, ‘no one wants a relationship these days, so lets date’.. cry me a river! (ha)  And posted by best photos, because, -I totally dress up everyday and have eye flicks so long I might swell fly from Heathrow! (Haha) Whatever I say online, is what I’d say in person.

And it’s crazy, you, yes you, and only you have this complete marvellous freedom to think about how you’d most like to present your own individual personal qualities. You can be anyone, say anything. But leaving lasting impression is always the best!










ASK YOURSELF: check yourself, before you present yourself

Would you rather appear to be an individual who others can confide in because they truly trust you.. or Appear to be an individual who is full of knowledge and people can ask for advice.. or appear to be an individual who wants to have fun and only fun.. and rest you know about.. many types of personality and strong traits!

1) SMILE AND SAY HI TO EVERYONE don’t exclude anyone, even if you can’t fit in small talk at your brief encountered moment, at least you’ve acknowledge everyone you see! The person you may snob could be someone who can help you out, or even end up being your best friend! Everyone is worthy!

2) ASK QUESTIONS.. But don’t be annoying as such!

Seems like effort to (most) people, from my opinion, but take interest in them, never make it about you.. Ever.. when you first meet someone you want to spark a genuine relationship- whether its business, or not, make it all about them and keep asking! The more you know the better; you may even find some common interests- which is all good to hear!

3) Have manners- People forget this ALL the time! Someone may be nice and have manners towards me, but to the waiter, to the uber driver, to others, they forget it.. I notice everything, so whenever someone is rude and can’t even say please/thank you.. I generally take a dislike to them.. manners are free. Use it!

4) Have an opinion – (don’t be afraid to stick to your guns):

You see, being in someone’s good books is all so easy, most of the time you try to agree with everything they say and exclude your own opinions, in an attempt to seem yellow and likeable… I don’t want people to agree with everything I say, I want them to have their own opinion- don’t be a sheep! If you have your own take on the government, I think we all do.. oh that’s right, we’re not in the EU.. Pokemon has officially taken over lives.. so if you want to be remembered and leave a good impression, be yourself. You have your own mind- use it!

5) Show your best personality traits: Stay humble and friendly!

9 of the 10 times I meet someone, whether it’s work related, or going out related, all the seem to do is brag.. humble brag, every type of brag, whether or not it’s an attempt to try to impress me, or reassure themselves, of which I don’t care about.. they do it. It’s disgusting, unattractive and just boring. I like people who are humble and can keep it real. Moreover, the more humble you are, the better and staying friendly and not mean is a bonus! Always stay friendly, there is honestly nothing worse than someone who is stuck up, rude and ignorant- It’ll get you nowhere!

Right, enough of that-

My beautiful brother took these photos and decide to surprise me by taking me to two amazing places- opposites, but I loved them. CREDIT:  THEMODERNCITYMAN

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