Your body is a temple: Freya Lingerie..

¬†This is the result of the 30 day challenge.. stay tuned for how I did it ūüėČ



Quote: “Your body is with you for life, look after it from out¬†and within it’ll change your life” -Me

Hello lovelies, 

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll notice how I have injected personal experiences, along with advice. So, from now onwards this will be the case with each post; I hope you can learn from this, but also be inspired too. I have had a lot of incredible responses which humbled me, yet blissfully made me aware that whatever I put out, it can at¬†least it can help one person (which makes me eternally happy).

I’m not going to lecture you about your body, although¬†9K a year would be nice,¬†ahah, but¬†make you aware that our bodies are simply not¬†indestructible, and from recent experience, there is only so far we can push and throw out on to¬†them before they start to fail miserably.

As you know from the recent post, my body has been through a lot, and maybe yours has too? But I became so unwell last week, I literally had 7 days off work. 7 full days.. of nothing. Dream? No- not for me, someone who is a certified workaholic, loves socialising and being constantly busy makes me feel good. I had to visit the doctor and hospital and suffered from exhaustion. I personally believe after years of crazy life experiences, working, changing my diet and exercising pushing it to the ultimate limit,¬†my body decided to just shut down.. I bet you’ve had similar experiences too?

I’ve only just started to listen to my body, how it truly feels and actually give some ‘me’ time. Our bodies change, life throws us situations which are beyond our control and can affect it. Yesterday, I nearly lost my life to a stupid driver speeding.. Alongside the shock and internal heart beat which couldn’t go any faster, I heard the words from other drivers opposite the road, ‘Is she dead’.. I never want to hear that about myself and thank God a million times I am alive, well and my health is back to normal. Life is crazy (for me), and the body is with you for life. So how well do you look after it?

In the next few posts, I’ll briefly mention mental health, attitudes and being positive..

We you feel stressed, we either do something which makes us feel happy, so what do we do for our own bodies? I forget about that part, and I guess you do too, right? So what can we all do when things are tough and we feel out of control in life? 

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1. Exercise.
I have to admit, I have been obsessed with exercise recently, after work, or just before bed I’ll do a workout.¬†You can go on Youtube, if you don’t want to go gym,¬†practice¬†some¬†basic yoga, small upper and lower body workouts, or dance to Beyonce..¬†‘sorry, I ain’t sorry..’
Trust me, one tiny activity can have a huge impact! You’ll feel miles better and even see results.. once you see results you’ll continue; it’s a forever psychological cycle! For the first time in my life I can look in the mirror and smile at my body! Exercise, be inspired by other fitness people and make time for exercise.. and little less fries! ūüėČ
2. Make sleep your priority.
Shit. I need to inject this into my mind. Sleep is important, remember that..¬†I always think #teamnosleep #sleepisforweak #sleepisforpeoplewhodontmakemoney etc etc.. but when you’re tired, you’re tired. Always give permission to sleep otherwise your body will bounce from healthy to ill! Exhaustion is terrible, it’s shit. Not being able to move a muscle because you’re exhausted is the worst feeling! You never want to be in my position from last week, so give yourself at least 8-9 hours sleep a night. Wake up refreshed, ready to¬†say hell yes¬†felicia I’m awake and get on with life!¬†

3. Eat well and enjoy it!
I love food porn, self proclaimed.. yet in real life, I have cut out a lot of the junk and swapped it for a lot of green healthy goodness! 
I know, it’s hard as flip to change your diet, but start with small steps and progress gradually.. Food is fuel, we know that but eating well means giving your body what it needs in the most natural way you can organize and simply afford.
Make your own smoothies, make healthy sandwhiches and prepare food for the day before! Make it fun and exciting! Screenshot pictures of people you see as #bodygoals and then pictures of #fruit (haha) and think ok, I’ve got this, give me a few months and I can do it! Compete with yourself, and only yourself. Give your body the best foods it can ever have and you’ll notice a difference with your mood and life!
However, changing how you eat doesn‚Äôt need to be an “all¬†or¬†nothing thingy”..¬†Maybe you could add just an extra bit of fruit a day or swap a cup of starbucks coffee for a glass of lemon water instead?!

4. Pain is calling Listen.

When something hurts, something somewhere, in the body¬†has gone wrong. When your body tells you that, your brain simply rejects it and pretends it’s not as bad.. Headache, it’s fine until it becomes a migrane.. back hurts, you still pick up heavy things and next thing you have¬†unbearable lower pains.. We often pay 0 attention to the pain in the body, we put it aside, no matter how tiny these points of pain are, they should never be brushed off because they represent damage to our bodies. Don’t ignore them, as they could come back to haunt you like a ghost¬†later.

5. Slow down (!)
I have to admit, in this day and age, we are all in this rat race. It’s not a race, we will all make it, and it will happen at the right time. We all need to slow down!
I’m still in that mindset from 3 years ago after the trauma I had in my life, thinking I am untouchable, invincible and can still ‘slay’ no matter what..¬†
I end up taking on more than I should, I guess we all do this in life to distract us from real crazy situations and emotions.. I can probably do so much, before I end up in a rut, collapsed on the bed.. 

If you‚Äôre literally likely to do the same as me, then I won‚Äôt be surprised if you buzz off at the suggestion that you slow down.. ‘Why should I?’

‘So much to do woman and so little time to do it in and you want me to¬†slow down?¬†Who really has time for that?’

Well, rephrase the question: Who doesn’t have time for that!? The real answer: Our bodies (!)

As from experience, our whole body, flesh, bones, muscles, organs etc will eventually suffer to the limit.. These days, I have to live slowly, take time out and be okay with it; for the sake of my body, and you know what? I quite like it to be honest! I love that I take whole days off to give my body time to recover.. and get back on the crazy roller coaster again!

Our bodies are precious, they truly are; so why do we neglect them on such basic levels (often) A peaceful healthy mind really is nothing without a healthy body to carry it!

So take a few hours, yes a few out of your hectic day a few times a week to care for it.. Sleep well, eat well, rest well, get a massage.. maybe with a happy ending.. Ha

Wind things down. Pay attention!

Show your body it’s the temple, the same complete compassion that you endeavor to show everyone. It is currently screaming for it. Look after yourself.. You’ll thank yourself you did so when you’re 80 and instagramming your #selfie!

Take care ūüėČ

¬†*thinking about all the food I’m about to have after this shoot in my garden.. hoping my neighbours don’t look


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