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Last week was so crazy and so fun; can’t say this week will be a repeat of that! Basically, I felt my had been described in rhianna’s oh so annoying, I mean, catchy -work work work. My friend asked if I wanted to go out clubbing (I rarely go clubbing these days), so I thought why not and it ended being an impromtu night out.. which was amazing, yet I was equally tired as I just had been at the hospital all day from 5am-4pm, as my mum had an operation.. So I thought going would eventually throw fun into my life, act a lil crazy and just enjoy being young! Life shouldn’t just revolve around work!

We headed to Tonteria, which is one of my favourites, the 5* food & cocktails, frozen tequila, great music, dancers, atmospthee and it’s not that far from where I live -bonus. Clubbing on a monday night wasn’t all that bad! I wasn’t drunk- only tipsy & managed to get home before 2! Ha, I sound so old. Then throughout the week, impromptu moments again- under arms waxed for the first time (at benefit cosmetics), (which hurt 1st arm like a bitch), then went to so many events.. just champagne, fun, night outs and a lot of laughs! I wish every week was like the last!

So, I thought I would blog a few events I went to for all you guys!

Q: Do you ever get bored of going to press/collection/pr/blog events? Nope. I love networking, all events are completely different and even if some aren’t all glam and exciting, it’s incredible looking at new collections and meeting new people!

So I’ll only publish 3 events as I don’t want to go on and on..

1st) Black Diamond Pr

2nd) Boohoo

3rd) HQHair on the next post… 😉

I love diversity, especially in a PR company, so this event stood out for me and for once had practically everything I truly wanted/would buy/would talk about on social media!

They were super friendly, accommodating, the dinner was 5*, location perfect and all collections were presented well & all the reps were enthusiastic. I hope to collaborate with a few in the near future!

Sweet collection: Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am a huge candy/sweet/chocolate fan- anything with caramel, or anything with fruit in it, I’ll have in a heartbeat!

Hope to collab with them soon, would be great to have some eye candy on my page soon 😉

Owl jewellery collection:

I had met the owner at the last event and had mentioned about watches/other jewellery pieces which may comes out soon, I was pleased they had been in production. The ultimate collection for spring for a classy/cute look! I want these pieces so badly!


The snake collection is sexy, really sexy and would turn heads in a second! I don’t normally wear gold, but this would be a statement on an outfit so thought why not try it!


I love boohoo, but ultimately wish I had more pieces from them, especially their new spring collection.

Here is my wishlist so far from Boohoo:

They had an event for their AW16 collection. A few pieces really caught my eye, so expect them (pictured below) to be shown on the blog later this year lovelies!

Had been given a few to take home so had them on saturday night…. yummy! Craving more now *fat chick in me roars*… rainbow bagels are the best!

Fluffy pink bag, reminds me of littlemix/barbie/bears.. just cuteness and I don’t have one- yet!

I am a sucker for boot heels/boots in general, need more (in my head), just have an ever growing collection!

Sexy dresses- everyone connotates when they hear my name- ha!

Loved their drinks, as well as canpages/ RAINBOW BAGELS. I saw these on food porn, I mean instagram about a month ago, I was itching to try some, so this was a heavenly experience! Ha


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