ASOS & PLT style! For all year round..

                              Questions from you, my beautiful (awh) readers!

How do you feel?

I feel amazing right now thank you,yourself?

..even if life is pretty damn crazy- psychically, emotionally and mentally ready to start making videos again and feel like myself again too! We all have ups and downs, but sometimes you have to go through hell and come back a better lion = )

I felt like part of me wanted to just be off camera for the blog, and needed time away, but now I am 100% ready to come back on!

Furthermore, I can truly say this is by far one of the best years of my life and it’s coming to an end, which is both sad and exciting! I am now involved with a few special brands- one featured in Grazia and another you shall hear about soon.. and some exciting projects which will be revealed in 2017! Super duper excited!

ALSO I’m almost 24 (28th December) flamingo cakes, silk dresses, cocktails, lipsticks, Chinese, if any of y’all thinking of presents haha, and it’s almost my blogs 4th birthday! Woohoo!


Where’s the wine at? Oh right, that’s for later, another 5 hours of work to go xtine.. (I solemnly promise to have a whole bottle of wine to myself later)

Love you lots, my little jelly tots- work hard, play hard and most importantly be a good person.






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