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 Healthy choices

I’ve always been a fan of healthy foods, but, at times I can easily (be convinced) and possibly slip and slide into the ‘nice’ burger, sweet potato fries, processed salads etc.. It’s convenient and tasty.. but only recently have I changed my diet and looked into a new way to up my healthy food intake!

I’ve always been a fan of Ella, I discovered her over a year ago and have been obsessed with her Instagram and everything else. She makes healthy choices so appealing!

, I had work meetings in the morning and she had a casting. We both were starving and she suggested, as per usual, to hit for something healthy. I’m not that fussed, I would’ve stuck to a nice chicken salad wrap, but she wanted to check out Mae Deli! I was eager to go since it’s deliciously Ella’s shop!
I was amazed at the different types of choices and once we had tucked into our meals (the same of course) we immediately fell in love. It was super tasty, it had different types of flavours and could possibly eat it every other day. It was that good. I now have the receipe so I will try to recreate it at home.

It was £9, but the hot chocolate (coconut milk) around £3? so £11 or so was reasonable. I plan to go again, very soon! I love the fact a meal can be incredible and still good for you!

The atmosphere and customer service was spectacular. The place was pristine and had the relax feel to it. It is now one of my go to secret places now! Now I have her book, I plan to make my own meals and have taken many tips, I suggest you should too! One change can make all the difference!

Some people are an inspiration and they don’t even know it!

Check it out, it’s right outside Bond street station.

Love lots

Off to another meal very similar. Staying healthy, since Monday




 The choices I had…. Mouthwatering moment!

 Homegirl Cassandra!


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