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Karma, oh that old cliche, “karma is a bitch, karma is my bestie..”  cheesy lines #dontmakemethrowup.. But to be real..

The way I treat someone, the way you treat someone will always have a lasting impact, whether it’s just for their day or for their life (!) Actions that we right now, in this moment in time take can have a small or huge impact, either way our actions are connected to others in some way (which is scary from another diverse perspective..).

Ever had a ludicrous shit as hell day and taken it out on someone in your life? Well, believe it or not your negative energy will impact that particular person, who then could take it out on another; so it’s a forever farcical endless cycle of crappy shitty negativity. If I get shit from a person, I always think that’s your karma baby, yours not mine, kindness is not a weakness and I’ll be good no matter what.. Some things obviously hurt, shit they hurt like a bitch, they hurt me and you, everyone but how you react will have an effect.. So..

even if you don’t actually take it out on someone just know your most deepest thoughts will always manifest into reality.

Law of attraction- it’s always lingering around like a devil in disguise..

After studying psychology at school, I had discovered that our brains (whether you use yours or not), is very powerful; whatever you’re truly feeling or thinking can turn into a reality and you’ll soon notice it.

I know what it’s like to have a shit unsatisfactory month, or a screwball year, or just to be in the absurd situations in general. You want to scream, cry, throw a brick (just me ok..lol), just go out and don’t give a shit about anything and anyone..

It’s so easy to let go and not think. But really, you have the power and once you let yourself go, end up being a bad person, you’ve given in. You’ve given away your power.

And that’s when karma comes in..

It’s easy to go through life believing that our actions don’t affect anyone else at all. They do, they’ll always affect others; because karma is just the surface of how we are connected..Also what when we say we don’t feel the impact of others’ actions is just a lie.. If once in a while, we truly say down and reflected on our day, you’ll notice that whatever you do you should think and act in ways that add more positivity to the world around you! The next time you feel down, just remember, you are not alone.. Don’t take anything bad out on others. Don’t hurt others because you’re hurting, otherwise one day it’ll come back on you. You may think a mistake, or a bad thing you’ve said or done won’t matter, but it will, maybe it’ll come back later on in life, or hit you when you’re having the time of your life.

A mistake could cost your life, a single insult could cause a person into being depressed and not eating, a lie could bite you back and hurt with five more.. Yet a good deed can come back in unexpected ways, a compliment could change someones’ day and their vibe could brighten someone’s week.. Whatever you do, karma is real and if we actually looked within once in a while and be a good person you’ll notice changes in your life.

Sometimes, you just want to scream ‘why me’, you’re a good person and shit happens, but that’s life. Bad things happen to good people? Not all the time, -sometimes bad things happen just ‘cos they happen, it’ll make good people wiser and stronger anyway..

Sometimes I even get down when I think about all the shit I went through this year, I could scream cry, easily bite back on people, turn bad and stick two fingers at everyone. But that’s not me. I’ve never cheated, or stolen, I don’t go around treating people poorly or done anything bad to be honest. I hate how shit happens, even to the best of people, but I just believe the person I am inside, would never lower to anything bad in life, it’ll just reduce the good in my character and that’s powerful to me: To be a good character. That’s what you need to attain, the good character you are.

Whenever you feel down, just think of what you have in front of you. A roof over your head, a good partner, friends, family, job, talent, education etc. Some people will always have it worse than you. Whatever you do in life, good or bad will come back and the sooner people realise this the better..

I remember I saw a purse on the tube, and it contained a lot of money. I am not someone to steal at all, I could have taken it, but I returned it to the station. A month exactly later, I accidentally left my purse behind at a station, with everything, USB sticks, all my cards £70 cash, it was in South London too, as I was on my way to a house party coming from West. I freaked, I knew it had be taken, but angels had my back and someone handed it in. This happened twice, both time taken in. Just shows good karma, will always receive good karma..Be a good person and good will come back to you.

“You can’t treat people like shit and then expect them to love you..”

Put your jacket on, and go out into this world, treat others how you want to be treated and remember karma is just around the corner.. Goodnight beautiful people..


Jacket: @fandfclothing; Such a cosy/warm/suitable jacket for autumn! *


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