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Hello friends! *

I hope you’re well and enjoying the start of January?

Lastest in beauty reached out to me and I absolutely adore their concept! Want to know more…

So, if you’re looking to save money on beauty products, then look no further! Everyone wants spanking new beauty items, especially when it’s the new year, but January is a time when everyone is literally tight with their money, or, like me, tight in general. So I really wanted to share with you my thoughts on this amazing beauty box!

I’m a huge advocate on “rich people stay rich by living like they’re broke. Broke people stay broke by living like their rich”… So it’s time to save those pennies, especially after Christmas ‘ey- but still have luxury items- the smart way!

We’ve lll heard of the beauty boxes which promises you the stars and flying pigs to give you the lastest (in their eyes) and the best products, Birchbox to Glossy-box. Every spanking box.. But, want to know one reason why I haven’t been tempted at all? You essentially have no idea what’s going to arrive and you may find yourself disappointed, even if you are saving a hell of a lot of money on beauty products.. I’m not bothered about saving £50, on products I won’t use. It’ll probably go to my mum. I’ve read online reviews about customers still waiting on their boxes, not cool, receiving products you hate, just come at you again next month- oh look the demon is back. I personally would be furious at those situations. I know it doesn’t happen to everyone, but at least with Latest in beauty you are guaranteed what you want. Sounds perfect to me.

As some of you know, I love a good sale, I love luxury products which comes at a low price. Even if I’ve got the money to spend, I would always, without fail, try to find it cheaper.

I like knowing what I am paying for, never one for surprises when it comes down to beauty products. That’s why latest in beauty comes shines above the rest!

If someone had said to you, would you pay £18 for a bunch of products, mostly full sized products which you have picked, instead of £112, (which is roughly) the estimated total for all the products, I can bet you money you would all say yes. I searched for the prices online, came to average price of the product and as soon as it hit over 50, I thought okay this is unbelievable, then over £100, I thought you are kidding me right? This box is a dream.

Yes, yes yes, give me five boxes girl, give it to me now, pretty please.

£18 for 9 items (!) Maybe one month you want all skincare items, next month just makeup and potentially the next just a mix and match! I opted for the mix and match! I am obsessed with skincare, eye makeup and perfume!

This online platforms, gives you the control and you’ll feel so excited when it arrives. Who doesn’t love a treat every month? This is for you! And the team threw in extra sample of beverly perfect white toothpaste!

In my opinion, I  would go for the £18.00 for 9 items because it’s such a good value for money and I feel 3 wouldn’t be enough!

It’s an easy process friends! (I’ve decided to screenshot these for you, so you know exactly where to go. Highlighted in Green- subscribe- click there.

Create your profile! Just fill them in with your beauty preferences- so many to choose from, I literally had to go back and forth!

Pick 3, 6 or 9 of the products which catches your eye.. Then checkout!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #loveLiB.

I’ve shown what I have received and will post again, or film what I thought of the actual products! It’ll be better for me to try for a week, or so and address you my thoughts!

What I’ve got:

1) Hulie Prodigieuse with body scrub in a gold bag Full sized

2) Gingermbre Rougue Body Lotion (x2) Full sized

4) Gingermbre Rougue Water spray (x2) -Travel sized

6) Flash Hydro Boost Ren -Travel sized

7) Nuit perfume- Travel sized

8) Purity made simple 3-in-1

9) Shade Pallete

As a surprise birthday is coming up and a red carepet theme blog event, I’m 100% sure I’ll be using all of these products!

Thanks for reading, this was a collaboration with Latest in beauty! Thoughts are my own!

P.S Keep an eye out for the full product reviews!

Want to be part of the sassy LIB loves? Go here: http://tidd.ly/432d513b


* partnership with affiliate; thoughts are always my own *

#Collaboration with LATEST IN BEAUTY (subscription box) #gifted. …

#Collaboration with LATEST IN BEAUTY (subscription box) #gifted.  PRODIGIOUS product review.. View Post