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Welcome to my ‘lil blog, ‘lil random thoughts derived since ’12 (first initial “blog” over on blogspot.com platform), random displays of everything I essentially ‘love’.. hence the name XTINELOVES, (Christine Loves..). Naturally, you grow up, gain insightful information, change/embrace your style (etc), soo evidently I’d love to show you what I am currently loving! Obviously, I still love beauty, style, anyone who says they’re not remotely interested in any or one is lying, but I do want to explore different topics such as lifestyle: chat (with substance) & life advice, touch upon mental health and fitness too! Tips and ideas are definately something I want to explore more of! Food will always stay… sorry 😉

I was shocked, the amount of brands wanting to work with me, being invited to events, I mean, I was the star blogger for super dry -thats how the ball started rolling? Why? Whatever the USP is, thank you for visiting, taking interest and engaging with me! 

After a little stalk I ‘hope’ to educate, entertain and inform in one way or another.. Whether it’s an outfit inspiration (clearly not a fashion guru, ahaha, but lets go with it, a new recipe or product to add into your food choices (simply from what I’ve discovered and particualry worked for me) and last but not least a little bit of hope from several unsystematic poems? XTINELOVES, loves lifestyle blogs so I hope you love mine 😉

I’ve always been random, my life is also a mere reflection of my blog too, hehee.. Crazy for skincare, next a new healthy brunch, next a new fancy-isa restaurant to colourful clothes and my own words ! 😉

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Lil humblebrag.. ‘Get to know me’… (I always get asked what I do for a living!)

27, Presenter (Live casino (simultaneously dealing), at fashion and promotional brand events i.e, festivals) Blogger (sponsored & collaborated with over 100+ brands in last 4-5 years, first sponsorship and face of winter collection was Superdry), Promotional Event Manager/BA, managed UK festivals etc and the face of many well known brands such as Elizabeth Arden as an brand ambassador etc, Marketing & PR manager (won a Timeout.com (London’s Ultimate number 1 global magazine and platform) award within 3 months of opening, managed a high end new restaurant in mayfair-marketing a brand for a billionaire, 5* H&H, mayfair marketing to socialites. Media Graduate (University Degree), Philip Morris Coach, for a year I have helped over 100+ families quit smoking while simultaneously coach clients to a better lifestyle and help quit toxic mindsets. Self; own personality – also featured in over 15 music videos i.e. One Direction, TV & Film scenes. Writer, first published two spread article for a magazine at 19 ‘fear is my best friend’. I mostly work in events; sometimes I create digital content for top UK brands ranging from smaller businesses to well known TV brands.. Finally, I have raised money for charities such as Marie Curie and other progressive private funding platforms. 

Easy to talk to (LOVE TO CHAT), very weird (in a good way  ;),  loves to laugh (at my self) and surround myself with positive intelligent people! So feel free to drop a message, I don’t bite.  😉

Character references by top UK directors, if needed.  <3

Be kind. “Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like.”