*In person these photos look a lot better, including little ol me there in the corner, like ‘hey felicia just eating cupcakes randomly on a Wednesday, because when I’m hungry, I don’t mess around’… (haha)

 10/10 for the presentation!


and pose..



Have you treated yourself recently? No? Love cupcakes? Yes? Go here… and if you don’t ‘love’ cupcakes, well, ‘enjoy eating them’, then you’ll definitely be a fan after visiting! I’m so happy my lovely brother, Adam (themoderncityman) suggested this as a surprise for me! Thoughtful!

How are you? I hope you are all having a good start to the week! I have blog work to do and work on some reviews for PR, so all work consist of me being on my mac, while trying to work out how to restart summer.. It’s officially over.

So quick update, the last few days have been an emotional roller coaster for me, actually it’s been hard, to be blunt (?) extremely hard; the people close to me have a good indication of how I am truly feeling, but do not the full story.. So it’s hard for me to cope alone and will see my doctor later. I will discuss what’s going on soon on the blog as I know reaching out and helping others is something I can do well on.. I mean, I’m older wiser and feel I want to inspire others, make others happy and feel confident. I would rather have ‘Thank you for that post, I feel inspired, you make me stronger, I feel confident’- those messages mean more to me, than just oh you look pretty, where’s that dress from? I like to add depth, real stuff.. Y’know!

So for everyone who reads my blog, my social media pages will be private for some time and I have decided to deactivate my Facebook. It’s not like I’m on it 24/7, 90% of the time I go on for work purposes! 10% upload pictures to share and stalk food porn pages and zac.. So yeah, for now I will only post photos relating to my blog on Instagram! That’s it! Oh and of course writing for my blog- it’s therapeutic, it’s helping me mentally and to be honest I’ve challenged myself to blog most days. After yoga this morning, I feel a tiny bit better… I’ll continue writing about stuff I love.. so XTINELOVES will always continue..So enjoy!

After much research about PP, (Peggy Porschen) I’ve realised passion is so important in life and if you are truly passionate about something, then don’t ever give up.

I grew up being extremely fussy with food, drinks and not really appreciating what I was offered everyday. My mother is a huge food lover, with amazing cooking skills and loves to bake! For everyone who knows my mum, apart from being extremely funny, intelligent, caring, she is a feeder. Growing up, I realised how much I actually love food after my eating disorder and skin disorder.. I was surrounded by different cultures and people, especially at university and reached out to cook  and bake for myself. My mother always told me it’s important to learn how to cook well! These days I’m cooking a lot at home and looking at new recipes, since I’ve changed my diet and work out a lot!

Peggy loves baking, coming up with new fresh exciting ideas and it really shows. I appreciate dearly the art forms of these cakes, but, I am not a fan of the prices. But, I understand with top quality, there will always be a price tag.. Like Jessie J said, ‘Wanna make the world dance, so forget about the price tag..’ You should, although here you will need quite a bit for a couple of cakes.. If I remember correctly, Adam and I paid roughly less than £4 for one cake.. Yes guys I can justify the taste, it was like sex in heaven.. Cringe. It was really, really, really good.. Strawberry champagne was the main taste, soft, silky and just mmmm, sexual! Ok I need to stop describing now, I’m a cringe ball..

Right, so it’s worth it, even if you have one and never swear to never spend that much on a single cupcake again. Go! Been there done that and I think I will go again! I actually, well desperately, want this cake for my 24th this year.. So if any of my friends reads my blog, please, please, please times a million can someone replicate this. I am not materialistic at all, it’s not like I have a wish list. I don’t even know what I want to do/want for my birthday, well I want a birthday surprise in central, well I do know what I want, wine, cocktails, food, cocktails, but this cake is just me.. I want it- It says please buy me for Christine’s 24th (ha ha ha ha)



Take it in

and look away. You’ll want it to and I don’t want to make everyone feel hungry. just me ok..(ha)

This birthday cake is just dreamy.. and those little biscuits are just dreamy. Whole website is!

Photo from the website!

“Peggy has since become one of the most prominent and pioneering names in contemporary cake design and is renowned for irresistibly pretty and elegant designs that are not only visually stunning but also taste delicious”

Check out:

Omg, these are sexy!

 What an eye catcher!

 Every little detail is perfected!

Ok, so I’m off to work out again at 1:30, just had a healthy filipino lunch with my mum and her friend Vicky!

Then off to see <3 Stevie!

Have a good day! Stay beautiful!

Head over to



Take care,




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