#Collaboration (the best) @farfetch @coach bag (..1 of my fav brand), private event & papped in Grazia magazine! :O



SO I am having the most relaxed week, it’s blog work, reviews for PRs etc, Mon- Fri, then work Saturday and Sunday off.. (well deserved btw) Which means I have so much time to myself, can attend events, chill with friends, buy a totally new wardrobe and catch up on sleep! Hows your week been? #xmassoonbtwohmygod! Shopping must happen next week..

Anyways, enough rabbling on, I was kindly invited by Grazia Magazine to the new Coach store opening in Regent street Wednesday 30th and I had a blast! Treated to champs, delicious food and had a private tour around! I looked at some price tags, thinking which organ do I not need… #jokingnojoking..

I am obsessed, I know slightly ott, but I do genuinely love it, with their eye catching, fabulous stylish designs at the moment.. and as I have a new coach purse I thought it needed a friend so I checked out their new collection- the rex!

Few snaps of the night, can I please have this jacket! I felt sassy, oh I know I sound like a total loser right now in this post, but honestly…. the collection and photos. Perfectooo

Giftef coach bag. Best collaboration ever.

Photographer: Clare Lewington


IG clarelewington

Thanks for the incredible photos, check out her site what an incredibly talented lady!


Cute, so cute, I want..

This is too much! Perfect!

This smell is heaven, need!

Ok, I give in I want a rose gold one! But coach obvs!

Take care gorgeous people,

Off for a drink & dinner..




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