*YOU SHOULD ONLY PICK WHO WILL BE WITH YOU ‘TIL THE END with or without money etc/..otherwise why waste time*

6th September toady!

Pick the best and get him to commit.. or it’s by Felicia, don’t worry Mr Zac Efron is on his way… (I wish) *insert laughing monkey emoji*

Hello everyone,

How are you? I hope you’re having a good day? I am currently writing this up on my lunch break!

This morning was a huge mess, somehow, my travelcard, fell into one of the seats just before I got off at Marylebone, great. £60 down the drain plus my debit card.. Thank God a stranger offered to pay for my return card for work and I really hate people offering- but thanks to the stranger who did so! I swear all the good people just disappear, I mean I turned around and they literally left! But- Life saver! My bag decided to split and I dropped my mac and somehow, not one scratch. Then, someone who tried to chat me up at the station knocked into me after I told them I’m taken AND my red bull drink went all over me.. Yeah, thanks God, for making me look like a complete homeless rat. Thanks

But, you know me, “Whatever happens in life,  throw it at me Felicia!’..

So, few days ago I was on a TV commercial shoot and someone once said to me, how long did it take for you and your boyfriend to make it ‘official’? Well, if you want to know, read on.. (Long post- so grab your coffee, or vodka, or whatever you drink) 😉

What makes a guy commit? Hmmm, some of you may think well, you’re 23, have not even been in a relationship longer than 1.5 years.. What can you really say.. Well from a woman’s point of view, any piece of advice you read, will stay with you for life, so if you can take something away from here and make a change- it’ll make me happy!

First of all, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who is supporting me all the way to me. I am going through a tough emotional time in my life, you guys are reading this for what it is, but behind the Mac, I’m in tears, feeling shit and don’t look like my sexy pictures.. can’t wait until work is over because I desperately need to get some filming done and when things aren’t done, it does stress me out! Especially if it’s something important..

Imagine (that guy),  the commitment-phobic (puke*)  guy who doesn’t want a relationship at all, but acts like does (rolls eyes), so ends up being that guy who sleeps around constantly and breaks hearts.. Well, in this day and age what do we call him.. A fuckboy -aka who will end up alone when the good ones are taken because well, karma..

…BUT then, suddenly, he meets this gorgeous woman, beautiful inside and out, that one in a million, where did you find her question thing. He’s now different, because of her, finally, finally straightens up and becomes this oh so handsome devoted, lovesick, amazing, wow factor boyfriend..

The man who lives with his baby girl (paha) for ages and ages and you guessed, won’t commit… She had done everything in her power to, then couple of months after she OH YES FINALLY YOU GO GIRL, dumps him, moves on with some celebrity David beck ham hottie, ends up rich herself, but, he, the ‘ef boy” elopes with a new woman..

So what is going on?

What makes a guy commit to relationship, yet a long-term relationship alone..?!

Is it really the ‘right’ woman, the right timing, the right feeling at the time… or all three?

I mean, I have been on some tinder dates, 99% of the time it was just that one date and no kisses or anything..  I have dated a few people, which have lasted max month.. and then I’ve been in three previous relationships and currently in one.. all lasted at least a year! Each one taught me something, so if anything I don’t look back at all, but thank each one for making me a better person, to help me reach my full potential; even if it’s hard to find those reasons, your past shapes you, right?

I believe, he must believe that he has found the one, the right one for him! Show your best sides, live to your full potential!

The woman reading this, will have the power to make him commit! But, always remember beauties, primarily, these sentences on how to get a guy to commit is really actually that hard, that is if HE really wants to.. So, you, have to make sure you have the right guy, before making those right moves. Still with me?


You are priceless and that one prize everyone wants… and he should know that!

You are special. If he can’t see that, then forget it. Do you think Beyonce goes around to tell people she’s priceless and a prize? No!  It’s that simple. Why should you try to convince someone you’re special. If they can’t see your worth, then you should know your worth and move on. Seriously go tell him to go into Maccy Ds and buy himself a happy meal, because he sounds like a child!

 Just make sure you give him to time to make himself fully aware of that. Don’t run at his beckon call, don’t say yes to everything, don’t even lose your own self worth and dignity for a guy.. Never.

Simple things, such as don’t lose sleep texting him everyday, don’t reply straight away if you are working, don’t spend all your money trying to please him with your looks. Focus on your career, life, etc and let him be part of it, but not the centre of it.

If you’re busy, tell him lets plan something for another time. You’re not his dog, so don’t act like one!

When he realizes that you have your own life, mind and opinions, that will make him see you as someone worthy. Prizes are supposed to be worked for, let him work for you. Don’t give yourself away straight away! This will drive him to you even more and think about commitment.. Even to this day, my boyfriend will still have to chase me, you can’t let someone get comfortable! 😉

Live your life, it’s special and so are you -Don’t you dare spell it out to anyone, let alone a man- remember, don’t spell it out!

Say what you want, because, well confidence is (very) sexy (!)

What do you want? Think about it right now.. right, okay, so you want him to commit, tell him. “I want you”, “and only you”.

Tell him whatever you want and use it your own advantage.. I told my boyfriend I want him to take an interest in what I’m doing, it’s sexy when a guy takes an interest, even if they fake it.. and you know what, he took it as far as buying a camera and started taking pictures for me. That’s hot. He’s taking an interest and being part of my blog to. I like that shit, I like it a lot.

Tell him, when you want sex and what you want him to do in bed, what turns you on.. might sound cringe and weird, but you can’t expect him to want to commit when he doesn’t know what you actually want.. Sexy little text messages throughout the day.. a cute message maybe?- be confident!

Don’t ever make it sound like you’re a spoilt princess, because guy don’t like that, or even a bossy boots. When he’s clear you’re a confident sassy woman who’s views and wishes can never ben shaken or ignored, he will act on it! Be bold, take control once in a while. Guys love it when you’re confident, even if you have to fake it! If you don’t like the fact he’s always out with the guys, tell him. If you don’t like the fact he’s flirting with other girls, tell him. If you don’t like the fact he doesn’t listen, tell him. Just tell him. I don’t have these issues (thank god) but you need to have communication skills and be confident with these words!

Appreciate him! All the time!

No one likes to be unappreciated. Fact It’s a shit feeling. Actually it shows you don’t care enough to think twice about someone’s actions.. So say thank you, when he’s made an effort, give extra kisses and cuddles when he’s done well. Appreciating someone, will make them feel closer to you. Fact. Just send a cute text to tell him he is appreciated and you love the fact he’s made your day! I know this may sound a tad patronising, but, these simples things go unnoticed! How often does someone in your life say thank you _____ I appreciate you. Exactly, probably never, or once in a while. So it’s not something which people think about. Change that!

Is he funny? My boyfriend is hilarious and our sense of humour compliment each other. I always tell him I love being around him because he’s funny and I love to laugh. If he makes you laugh, tell him! If he has achievements close to his heart, tell him how great he’s doing-motivate him; ensure that he always know that you appreciate him. Throughtout many years of being with guys, I have found out this is truly one of the ways how to make a man commit and create this magical, inseparable  unbreakable bond with you. And you want that right? You will become his number one baby; showing true genuine appreciation and genuine interest in him is what makes him want to commit. It shows maturity!

Work out if big changes need to be made… Never try to work miracles, babe!

Lastly, if big changes need to be made, say he complains about his job and doesn’t do anything and tries to stop you from your goals, then end it. You can’t be with a guy who complains and does nothing. Also you can’t be with someone who doesn’t motivate you and/or stop you from being motivated.

You both have your own lives, so if an attitude or a mentality is a big change and it can’t be changed, let go. With my ex partner, (not mentioning who) he tried to stop me from presenting (full time) and was not there for me during my dissertation times (full time at university) ..ok, so me, your girlfriend had a full time job while juggling university, and no support or motivation or even appreciation? Yeah.. why am I with you? You have to think small changes can be talked about, but if it’s something big and no changes have been made over time, then what is the point? If you’ve stated your issues and that person doesn’t want to please you, then it’s not for you. Don’t try to work a miracle. You can’t make someone make someone support you, motivate you, or even love you.

Too often women all over the world try their upmost out of desperation of love to change men into something that they really are not.. Before embarking on your commitment big Hi I’m here commit campaign, ask yourself if he is the committment type?!

 Someone out there will commit, so why waste time on someone who doesn’t?

 If the guy wants to settle down with you, he will, trust me. However, the only thing that changes his mind is you telling him that he needs to.. He needs to be there when you’re going through emotional times, hard times, and if he isn’t all there, then rethink, and rethink quickly! If small changes need to be made and he listens to you and change them, then well done to you! Keep being open and let him in!

My relationship became official, well, lets say ‘Facebook’ official around 5 months, but we stated once we ‘got together’, no one else can be involved and if he wanted someone else, and same for me too, then don’t bother with each other. Telling someone you want exclusively isn’t bad, you don’t want to be messed around. I love being in relationships, so that’s what the goal was. I don’t sleep around, never have and never will. I prefer to have a journey with that one special person and grow with them. Obviously, initially, dating and seeing what’s out there was the start of the journey. Then I thought well, if I meet someone amazing, someone I click with and someone down to earth, funny, understanding, smart and someone who allows me, to be me, then I’d want a relationship with them! My boyfriend did well waiting 2 hours for me, when I was late for the date and ended up seeing the worst side of me and actually still wanting to get to know me! So yeah, after meeting some people it’s clear who’s for you and who’s not. Always listen to you intuition and don’t sacrifice your soul for anyone. You’re worth the world- if someone makes you upset tell them, if they continue then why are you dating an onion- mate!

Don’t be afraid of being alone too, I was alone and happy, for a long time! I focused on everything in my life and content with where I am heading! Big things are happening!

I mean guys weren’t on top of my list at school and university. Things happened quite late for me, around 19.. so do you and let others see who you truly are. I’d rather be disliked for who I am, rather than liked for someone I’m not.

I love my relationship and finally happy! Fingers crossed it’ll last a long time! We are planning on a holiday soon, so I am more than excited for that!

If you ever need relationship advice, or any advice in general. Don’t be afraid of dropping an email if it’s anon I don’t mind.. btw, I am not a relationship expert, but a lot of friends come to me on this topic and have been through so much and have seen it all! Just a simple woman with a complicated mind.. If they can undress my mind.. then..


TAKE CARE, to Mahiki party now!

Work done, blog done, emails done, now enjoy life!



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