Hello beautiful people,

So, we have passed summer and now autumn/winter/christmas stuff already out.. So, as a blogger, it’s hard to find what to wear, without looking like a sloth, because I so desperately want to stay warm but also look decent.
I found this beautiful top from Selfridges, around £35, good quality, perfect for this weather and you can dress it up or down. Clearly in these shots, it’s a chill out/netflix and chill outfit (haha).. The back slit- oh hey, and overall look is quite sexy too!

I love these colours, don’t you?

You can’t just have a normal top xtine, you go that extra mile for something different! So quickly go to Selfridges now before its gone! I feel they have a new season line all the time.. so can’t wait to see what else they have on!

Have a good day?!

p.s LOVESXTINE instagram… brand spanking new shots..

Fresh to death baby and “themoderncity” aka my brother took these!





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