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Hungry? Well, we all know who Jamie Oliver is, Jamie’s Italian is known for their exceptional dishes, suitable for everyone.

I thought why not review this meal, as it was our first time here; my brother and I thought we would go out for dinner after my blog shoot, some quality sibling time! (my favourite time). Upon entering, you feel instantly welcome by the friendly staff and taken care of straight away, whether you want a wander around or to go upstairs for food. To be frank and perfectly honest, I am not an overly a ‘die hard’ fan of Jamie Oliver, however, I was actually pleasantly surprised on my first experience overall..

As this was an impromtu decision we made later afternoon, we went ahead with a spontateous decision to throw out our healthy diet for the week as we chose the Bianca pizza. It was enough for two, although I was craving more I needed to save space for dessert, which had proven to be quite diffcult as I have a nut allergy it took roughly 20 mintues for me to wait..

 Dessert… first thing I look at.. it can kind of, predict if you’ll leave feeling satisfied or not..

 True Brit London Nails..against the JO decor.. perfect blogger picture inserted.

Mmmm… *die hard pizza lover*…this was a sweet based pizza and particular loved the fact it was delivered within 10 mintues of ordering…

Nothing in this world can stop me from demolishing this pizza… If there are greens on your pizza topping, then you shouldn’t feel as bad, right? *who am I kidding*..

Our cute little table, alongside the cute but extremely small plate of sweet potatoes.. which I had to eat quickly as my appetite roared out with excitement… I wish they had provided more potatoes, as it seemed quite expensive for only a handful!

Upstairs- An incredibly busy vibe.. it seemed as if they had departments on one floor.. So,around the kitchen section there were children learning how to cook, far end towards the stairs had the *costa coffee vibe* where people just chilled with thier coffee and a slice of chocolate cake, or whatever they have these days, ha, and towards the back (where we were) invited the foodies to display their love of food and order practically everything without thinking.. So that alone, was an experience we hadn’t of aticipated.

Downstairs- Quite possibly screams, *buy me* -retail part section had a few staff members around to ask us if we were interested, we weren’t but the displays were more than instagram worthy. Their cake display was perfection and delivered an aray of choices for those who love a bit of sugar.. is more than obvious.. book shelves full of JO, little appetiser treats and a buy now section..

 Brother Adam, simply enjoying something sweet as he is not…. *heart emoji*

Our drinks were utterly divine, to the point we ordered a few more than expected! Drown ourselves quickly, with these freshing drinks!

I was massively impressed by one of the staff, we guessed the manager of the restaurant who enjoyed going through the menu with us thoroughly- at this point we wanted to know more about the drinks and mains. It was refreshing to have waiters who seemed enthuastic about the menu and recommend based on differents tastes, not to choose the most expensive choice!

The starters arrived, they were delicious, fresh and tasty although the portion size was incredibly small.. earlier in the day I had dropped my plate full of chicken, which offered an insight from the universe teaching me portion control.. The staff should have added way more sweet potatoes! Apart from that, honestly, overall impression from watching staff is that they are not particularly organised. Trying to get their attention had proven numerous times to be really difficult, especially as I had to reorder my dessert, it taken a while.. but in the end we weren’t disappointed. It was a fun, lively environent…Everything seemed very well-sourced, organic and perfected to detail. The decor was inviting and you instantly felt comfortable. Adam and I prefer places where you feel comfortable and not judgmental, especially as we took pictures, normally you would have people giving you glares..

I particularly loved the fact they had an open planned kitchen. I had a little nose at the food prepared by the children and parents, it seemed like a fun adventure for them! To witness the behind the scenes with chefs in full view was merely the top thing I’ll always rememeber. (I would love to go to a cooking class, for the fun of it).. It maintained the amazing reputation that Jamie’s Italian has so for us, we loved the fact we could see what would normally happen in the kitchen.. Intriguing!

Dessert… (or at least ha, almost everyone’s) favourite course, there were a couple of fabulously deliciouschoices but the chocolate cake was mine, love at first sight. Although my brother had his first taste and assured me it was nice, ok, but was unable to take my view on it as I am allergic to nuts. Perfect dessert out the window there, *crying emoji*, ok, I wasn’t that disappointed, but they should have notified nut allergies on the menu! I had to opt for something else, the Orange Blossom Polanta Cake, served with whipped crème fraîche, fresh orange & pomegranate… Yum! It took the *emojo queen crown).

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and time spent in the establishment and would of course happily return, the great thing about Jamie’s is the menu is so diverse that even if you visited 20 times I can imagine each one of those times would deliver a unique and satisfactory experience that would encourage you to become a ‘regular’.

The slow service will need improvement, but nevertheless, it was by far the best I’ve ever come across having people care enough to spend those extra few moments catering for your needs just confirms what an exceptional establishment it is.

So fans of Jamie Oliver or just hungry individuals, taste of Italy right here in Notting Hill. You’ll love it!

Let me know if you have been here before, and of course your thoughts.. I have been particularly healthy for the last 5 days, so a cheat day, or a treat day (s) are worth it guys!

We left not feeling bloated at all, which can really help.. as I had another italian meal after.. officially a #foodie!



ps. have a good day and always remember to make someone feel special and keep them smiling- Life is too short.


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