Hello beautiful friends!

How was your weekend? I had such a fun/girly weekend; girly moments like these make me miss those carefree fun, ‘girls just wanna have fun’ moments! Can we remind those parts? *Insert smiley emoji*…

If you stalk my twitter, I mean read my timeline, you would know I headed off to the bloggersfestival, with all the hashtags in the world attached to my tweets. The event was really fun and straight after went to the dmbloggersparty with some of my fellow blogger buddies! All fun! But first, dress post!

As promised, I mentioned previously, I had a little shoot with one of my favourite Miss Selfridges dress, so here it is!

Where is it from? (Nowhere, because you are not having it)

All jokes aside it’s from one and only:

Miss Selfridges//

If you don’t know, you should know the brand by now.. It is amazing for portraying the whole: sexy party #gurlyoulookgooood /fashion blogger/what is HAWT right now/here is everything you need.. Ha. I am in love with their dresses, I have always been! I literally had a moment, do I pick you *points to the black dress*, or you, *points to the baby blue*.. I literally did this.. The sale assistants were like, is she okay, does she need help, she’s a tad weird.. Well, I have too many black dresses, you would think I’ve been to funerals all my life! It is an affordable dress, thumbs up, so soft and comfortable too! It is not one of those, hold my breath before I pop out dresses, it’s a midi comfty one! Wwhich can come in a couple of other, simple colours. So colour was needed. In my life and desperately in my wardrobe! Or maybe I choose to go for ‘safe options’… I chose this light baby blue colour which was under £30, not bad for a dress, good quality and of course, you can wear it over and over again.. or is it just me who does that. I actually went into the Oxford Cirus store yesterday, so you know, IN LOVE with the store itself, so expect a couple more outfit posts.. and that cool as cucumber #offtd is that even right, hashtag? Even IF you don’t have a date coming up, then it is still perfect for a night out with the girls, or even to a really fancy event, or not..

I just thought it would be perfect for a date night! I love dates. I can be a total woman, who loves to be wined and dined, I mean who doesn’t, dressing up, your heart beating, someone with a heart to make you happy, even if it’s for a couple of hours.. I seem to be all glam puss woman online, but honestly majority of my days, it is quite simple! This will change up pretty soon! When you’ve been a hermit/university student you seem to loose the whole I am fashionable stage, until a night out! Right ramble over, I just love dresses..

Location: SW1//

I went to visit a friend, so after I thought why not shoot around the area, before it tips down and I look like a wet rat with heels and a dress.. We had a shoot in the most awakward, weird random place in SW1.. *Oh can we watch* randomers in the background.. Me: Ummm.. Anyways, it turned out quite well (photos) surprisingly and props to my talented (VERY patient) brother, Adam. Lets not forget to consider his talents! I do apologise in advance for my try hard posy/trying to be VS model/sexy poses.. I know, I cringe sometimes too, but you know, #fblogger! 😉

These pair of sexy office heels were from H&M. Affordable, comfy and flattering! I almost opt for black shoes, it is a safe option, but you can wear it with anything! Check out their range, I decided to buy it from here on an impromtu decision!

Thanks for reading lovely.

Talk soon?



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