STYLE// “Don’t put baby in the corner”.


Hello beautiful people!

But, first, who is loving autumn? From a bloggers point of view, it’s the prettiest time of year.. No really… I mean the backgrounds look incredible in these pictures, kindly taken by my brother.. Props to my #loveyoulotsjellytots brother, Adam, he’s too modest and humble about his work.. Photography here is spectactular, no?! Ugh, today was just awful, weather (I sound typical), literally I walk out my house loooking like a drowned rat, not that it’s super cold now! I need to find a new jacket.. and autumn/winter boots.. That’s saturday sorted then!

Bershka// Top. (reasonable price)

#WhatIWore #AmIOfficiallyAStyleBlogger sugar, I mean, #fashionblogger aka, #fblogger.. I only just found out what #wiwt means.. Talk about behind with the blogging lingo.. ANYWAYS, I honestly thought, what is in my closet that I do not wear anymore… No seriously, women issues, I have nothing to wear.. comes into my head every flippin’ day! Then I realise oh yeah I have bags of clothes I don’t bother with. Don’t put baby in the corner.. As you do, rummage through the bag as if I was clearly a posessed 5 year old searching for that christmas toy. I found it. Beautiful baby pink satin top, which I clearly have not worn yet.. *oh yeah, it was way to low.. low low low, basically my boobs would just flair out and the top would start from my stomach onwards, not cool. No, it’s not a size 16, weirdly it was a size small, so I guess I used my initative, grabbed some clips and pulled it back.. So classy. Then ta-da, brillant! What a top! I only have a few pieces from Bershka, the only times I have been there were during the sales in Summer at Westfields.. #everyoneinwestFlooksthesame! Silky, pretty and I especially love the top section, it’s one for the Ds! Quite funny, my friend of 10 years Joe who was featured in last year’s Cod dinner post, said, on the phone, why aren’t you wearing a bra? (Do guys pay that much attention)  #IhaveAThirdParent.. Um, I guess I could have worn a see through one.. transparent, I guess, but it was quite literberating and looked sexy without!

Justified my reasons for wanting to wear it, even if a few clips hold up my dignity! Ha! *monkey hiding emoji*

 Oh autumn, I do love you.

 #shoeporn. H&M, first pair of heels (normally black flats) from there! I am obessed with them. Surprisingly comfy, I almost, always steer away from small thin heeled shoes, but I thought theses are so classy and sexy. Zip me up, baby!

 #leaf #red #instagramers will start hashtagging grandma next..

 For everyone who reads my blog, smile over to you, yes you.. I know I’m double cringe. 🙂

Me: “Quick, I’m going to pretend I’m about to fly, I need this shot”.

Brother: What the. ok.

Turned out rasonable..

 How do some style bloggers look so effortless.. I just look like I’m about to chunk on a burger!

 I find the back incredibly sexy! Crossed section..

 Cheap Monday//

Jeans.. I have reviewed them previously… tried them yet?

 Lighting can be so good to me.. I love the circles on the cleavage section, so pretty in person, it’s a silvery glitter colour!

 Layers, tops, jumpers, everything..

 I’ll be uploading few shots to my instagram:  lovesxtine

Take care beautiful, speak soon?

OH, if you ever want to collab, talk, feel free to message me, always up for a chat! (don’t be shy)!


*now, where is my hot chocolate covered with cream and sprinkles*

Note to self: Be kind to yourself, love yourself, always remember to smile and less of the junk food. Without sprinkles then..


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