Lola Makeup. Cruelty Free Lipstick and light multifunction BB cream!

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I had filmed a quick put on BB cream and lipstick.. so stay tuned on Instagram to see it! 😉


Afternoon everyone,

Hows your weekend going? For the first time in a long time, I have the whole weekend off.. No plans. Phone off.. Just transferring content which was deleted and lost to this new platform- working with new brands also I have some exciting projects coming up! I’ll be uploading more new content and sharing all my tips and what I am currently loving on to my Twitter, Instagram and blog! I’m also thinking about fully fledging into Youtube.. I’ve thought about it for so long, I’ve done some videos here and never but never did it ‘properly’.. so very soon my friend Tanith and I will be creating a video beauty video/haul together! How fabulous. We are crazy. weird, funny, random, very random, extremely random.. so keep your eyes pealed for that crazy episode! Aha.

Anyways, I was kindly invited by my gorgeous girl boss from nicole, from madame lala, to Lola Makeup event. I was naughty and went during my lunch/only break during my work day event last week, spent all my time at the event I forgot to have a snack aha.

Moreover, it was so worth it as I’ve discovered a new brand, I have fallen in love with their light BB cream and their matte liquid lipstick. Now I had fallen for another brands matte liquid lipstick so that type of lipstick is and will always be my favourite, I have it in pink and now I am so happy I have one in red! As soon as I left the event, I practically left it on as I tried it straight away at the event and received tonnes of compliments.. even one from the uber, so pretty sure my ratings went up aha, kidding.. But honestly, it’s so moisturiing and love the colour, it suits me! I love red lipsticks, glosses!

Now, I am not a huge fan of foundations, especially in the last 4 years, so I haven’t really caked on foundation that much, maybe once or twice every two months, since I was 21.. and I am now 25. I just prefer clear no foundation look.. unless there are products which make my skin glow and it’s very light I may use it, but everyday I don’t wear it. This BB cream is very light, contains hyaluronic acid, this is extremely critical in maintaining skin hydration! So happy with that and also has SPF 20, winner winner chicken dinner hey! I was super impressed with it, so when I go out I will use this from now on! I received these products in gift bag from Lola makeup. These are my own opinions. Hopefully I can work with them again! I adore their products!


BB cream £14.95

Light multifunction formula that combines skin care benefits while giving you a perfect blend and beautiful touch of colour.

Active ingredients

• Olea European Leaf Extract + Uva Ursi Leaf Extract – Helps to illuminate the skin
• Hyaluronic Acid – Improves skin hydration and the appearance of marks and wrinkles
• Tocopherol – Effective antioxidant
• European Olea Extract – Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory propertie
• 30 ml


Cruelty free liquid lipstick matte: MINE WAS CALLED LUST:  £7.95

“This ultra matte liquid lipstick, has a highly pigmented, multi-purpose lip & cheek stain formula, which combines jojoba oil and shea better for hydrated pouty looking lips – without drying out.
The luscious silky lightweight formula dries matte, while locking in moisture, and delivering a punch of colour that promises you one thing: it won’t budge, once it’s on — it’s on.
    • Cruelty Free
    • Liquid Lipstick
    • Matte finish

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