Netflix Recommnedations for the New Year #AD Panasonic.

*Disclaimer* This post is a paid collaboration with Panasonic, all opinions are my own. All paid work in 2019 will be placed as #Ad. 

Hey lovelies,

Netflix and chill.. It’s my favourite part of the day, unwind, relax and zone into a different world.. Endless possibilities to dive into a journey and experience something amazing. Amazing shows I’ve loved recently are: YOU, Birdbox, Sinner, Black Mirror, Making A Murderer.. Stevie and I were thinking about getting a new TV placed in our brand new bedroom as we have just moved house! 4k HDR TV Panasonic is on our Valentines list, we may purchase together, for our nights in (nawww cringe cute I know what you’re thinking, ha) brand new stylish 4k HDR TV Panasonic!

Birdbox; Great performance displayed By Sandra, a total babe, her acting is brilliant! This film reminds me of one of thorpe park rides, one minute it’s all dandy, next someone dies, next they’re safe, next, no one is..  This post apocalyptic world that is crazy beyond belief..  The cinematography is excellent; truly must see movie which will keep you wanting this to end with a happily ever after.. but will it?

Sinner: First episode is a trill; keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s a messed up. He’s a kid, but did he really do it, I mean did he do it. You feel confused at first, but then each episode unwinds into different lifestyles and makes you wonder: who’s controlling who?

BlackMirror: Technology, we can’t live without it, but more times than often we want to live without it, sometimes.. Those ‘sometimes‘ are derived into worlds you can’t imagine, then you start to imagine, maybe technology is controlling us?  Smartly written and unpredictable. It’s one of my favourite series and I just want a million more episodes to come about! Like now!

Making A Murder: If you know about the system in general, you won’t want to imagine the pain this family is going through, you’ll feel extremely infuriated and sickened to the core. A truly corrupt system, along with tears, more tears and a whole world, wanting one person out of jail. He didn’t do it. So who did?

I’m kinda obsessed with Netflix right now, I’m trying to get through as many after work! What are you enjoying right now? After my blog shoots, all I want to do is curl into my bed and sit back and relax with a cuppa!!!

NETFLIX- what was life before you?!?!


I’m on a TV ad tomorrow morning all day, then afterwards presenting at world premier tomorrow, then an after party, so my day is well and truly busy.. But somehow I always end up watching and falling asleep to Netflix series/films..  What do you watch after a busy day on Netflix? Let me know! Any recommendations drop a comment too.


Love and lights



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