Instagram Vs Reality.

Entertaining, gregarious, envious.. some words to describe Instagram.

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After 8 bloody selfies, I got it right.. Kinda thinking what is it like to be naturally pretty!
Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 16.59.27
OKAY- HOLD on… f*ccccck. I took another bomb ass pic.. Ok I can do it, I can be a blogger.. damn.. getting the right picture inst easy.
Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 16.59.49
anddd it feeeeeeeeeels good (8)
Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 16.59.54
I may look kinda cute, but I seriously need a good shower, get out of bed pjs, and these bloody old slippers. ahaha but no one can tell this by my cute pics #cute

“Influencers”, “Bloggers”, “Models”, the “Next Kim K”, the blonde bombshell girl with her new double d lips, can, sometimes, without doubt, subconsciously make you feel like shit. A piece of crap. Inadequate..The kinda crap which makes you look at yourself in a different way.. In a bad way. Those perfect angles, lightening, sharp crisp clean photos drizzled in the most envious location wearing a dazzling outfit in an unreachable and unattainable lifestyle.. Do you remember Habbo hotel? set up your “Insta” perfect life, well thats Instagram, you choose what to show; it’s creating an unblemished life, whether close to verisimilitude or not, it’s one you only show to the world, because it makes you feel better.. 

I understand. I do. Because I am guilty of showing the ‘fab-u-lous-‘ side! Truth is: I don’t sit at pretty cafes all the time, I definitely don’t look anywhere at hot in real life that my pictures, I’m mostly wearing anything but something instagrammable and my real life is anything but ‘like’ worthy! Instagram doesn’t truly show our real lives! 

A music video photo/shoot. You’ll never see the media production which takes place.. The highs, lows, reality.. I know that for sure, because I’ve been on many and when people see the outcome, they’re like I WISH I WAS IN THAT. NO FELICIA. IT WAS ANYTHING BUT GLAM. cold, raining, tired, 13hours+ on set.. I’d rather skip the ‘in between’ and be present at the good parts, but you know what, it’s the journey and what goes into it which count.

Blogger/Infuencer/Model whatever you want to name it, isn’t instagrammable, the end product is. and for that reason, you shouldn’t envy it, you shouldn’t hate yourself or your life because of it. There is a story behind every picture and some took serious dedication, sacricifes and some hard times to get it right! 

We all have our showreel of bloopers, funny, sad, crazy, extra crazy and ‘why am I doing this for Instagram’ kinda crazy.

So before you start to dislike yourself over what others “like”, remember whoever is behind that picture is very much LIKE YOU! 🙂

  1. It took precisely and embarrassing 15 selfies to get 3/4 right ones.. 15?! 
  2. The lighting came from ONE small section in my bedroom, so in fact I couldn’t move very much… frustrating and annoying.
  3. The camera is quite heavy.. yes THE BIG ONES.. so a selfie with that was like a selfie coming from a brick.. Not so glam.
  4. Prepped makeup three times, because, lighting was so good, but it wasn’t good for my face I ended up with spots the next day.. #spotted
  5. I needed a shower so desperately and was in my PJs and old slippers.. #gross
  6. My hair isn’t always this ‘photoshoot ready’ I think I used half of my hairspray…


Instagramable? Only the end result.

Do you want to see more of my Instagram VS REALITY pictures? I promise laughs, for you..

Have a fab easter! My gorgeous bf already got me mine before I got his #reallifeLIKE