10 things to do during self-isolation

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 13.09.57.pngEvening all!

A busy bee 🐝
What have I been up to? In and out of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garden etc.. Some ideas for you during #coronarovirus lockdown from a dazzling yet busy 2 week experience. I’d prefer a luxury holiday Dippin n sipping but Boris is my boss atm. Left his office a professional 2 min voicemail regarding everyone to receive an income, but similar to his ‘logical’ government strategy I expect a 3 week delay in response.. 💡
1- Exercise 6/7 week (rules state we are essentially allowed 1 form outside) run, jog, brisk walk, using weights (if you don’t I’m sure you have some heavy items) 🔥
2- Netflix now is the best time to catch up on films/series, I’m enjoying peep show, watched the platform (film) recommendations comment below
3- Music; blast favourite songs. Instant mood change! 🎧
4- Clean- spring clean room, my wardrobe is now spring/summer. Perfect time to declutter your main environment! 👌🏼
5- Write up 2020 bucket list for you and your loved ones. We have written down some holiday ideas, research exciting travel itinerary. 🛫
6- Cooking- invent new recipes, discovering alternatives online, mixing up what I managed to buy in shops.. 🥦
7- Pinterest, endless inspiration from quotes and pictures. Create a mood board 🤯
8- Scribd- currently reading: switch on your brain, the soul mate secret, the alchemist, the mind gut connection, Leonardo Da Vinci and the courage to be disliked. (don’t judge) 🧐
9- Memes- When I’m not spiralled 809 ft into deep thoughts, coming up with conspiracy theories, I am, worryingly obsessed with light hearted goofy memes to pass time. Laugh turns into a cough, is that you rona 😂
10- Phone friends. ‘nough said 📱 I challenge you to write 10 things to do, during self isolation!