Another 10 things to do during self-isolation.

IMG_6405558Evening friends! It’s me again, fueling your desire to combat boredom during lockdown.. hehe

A busy bee 🐝 << me, kind, okay I have been busy…

1- Duolingooooooo- HOLAAAA- Como estasss hoy..como se llama?!  Learning a new language will always be on my ‘to do list’, if it were possible, I’d wake up to know every single language; how to speak fluently and write well in all languages.. Obviously a lot of patience and dedication; I am determined to be fluent in spanish, to say the least in at least one language! My username is:   ChristineCUk92 (so original 😉 .., every top 10 in the leaderboard of 50 people will automatically transfer to the next round! Are you learning a new language?!💡
2- Find a new hobby? Decided to buy some felt coloured pens and draw! Unleash my inner artist. Finding a new hobby can be accidental or something you’ve always dreamed of doing? To be honest, I doodle quite a lot while I am on the phone (although I used to love drawing), so automatically this became a new found hobby. Board games? DIY? Singing? Sewing? Playing guitar? Writing.. list can be endless.. 🔥
3- Organise- I am a self proclaimed organise freak, or the latter, aha, so this is very fitting. As Marie Condo says, “A dramatic reorganisation of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. It is life transforming”. I adore Marie Condo, a smart and beautiful woman! Organise your bedroom, file cabinet, book shelf, kitchen.. laptop, phone, tablet etc.. You have at least a week, or probably 3 months, organise well, tidy home and a tidy mind..
3- Vitural days out- I recently stumbled across ‘virtual days out’ and instantly had a smile on my face! What an amazing idea during self isolation..A day out at the national portrait gallery? There are over 50 tours online, type in virtual tours in the google search bar and ta da your week is sorted!
4- Self care days. Vamp up your skincare, hair, pedis and mani routine! Also to eat well and consume your fruit & veg!  Self care days are the BEST, we all need a little self love here and there.  Hair mask, facemark and green tea anyone? (I will write a whole blog post on self care very soon, if you want some tips let me know..)👌🏼
5-  No wifi days- I have a post here: For certain this will be difficult for most as we are in lockdown. One day off  during the week (at least) from social media will give you a fresh mind, some peace and reduce your addiction of scrolling; especially if you want accomplish something during the day. It is also amazing at how productive you can be without the constant distractions of pointless and ever lasting notifications.
6- Podcasts/ Audiobooks- I am truly and utterly obsessed with audiobooks! I write a separate post on this topic, keep an eye out! I want to download some hilarious podcasts so right now I an in ‘research mode’. Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks/podcasts?
7- Interior designer? Give your room a lick of paint, create your own space i.e. book shelves, design your own wallpaper, change up the layout of your bedroom (feng shu), completely change the colour scheme etc.. I’d love to see the before and after! Show me the incredibles..
8- Replace common/useful household items.. Ive recently replaced my Mac charger, toothbrush, batteries, pillows, kitchen items etc..
9- Plant seeds = pretty flowers for the summer, how beautiful? Whats not to love 😉
10- SLEEP. Evidently I need this the most. Aha.. Have you had (more than) enough sleep, or a little during lockdown?


Let me know your ideas, too;  obviously do as you please as these are merely simple ideas.. Stay safe and stay at home. God bless,