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God bless you😘; whatever the situation you are in, we are all in this together. *Drum in high school musical famous lyrics..”*  We are a team; we can get through this. Only if we sincerely work together. There is no “I” in team.  😘😘

COVID-19, the actual origin (BAAAT, market matt, a rat, who knows..?!) current factual worldwide circumstances (would be nice if journalists would stop contradicting) , statistics (now its 40+?), research (always signed off by WHO, who, who, what are you a fucking owwwwwl), lifestyle restrictions (we can/can’t/can do this.. the confusing statements are boring boris’; the ongoing uncertainty in these can be unbearable! Truly unbearableeee! We are soo used to distractions, working, not being told to stay in for months..So, how can one help their mental health with all of this going on?!

Everyday, some of us obey to the social distancing and stay quarantine and the outbreak can make us bloody emotional; whether you’re more than a happy larry to be home from work (if you hate it/ –stats show most of us are enjoying time away from work), upset you’re unable to see family/friends (wah), once in a lifetime events taken out of our hands (heard some weddings are still ongoing though lol wheres my invite?.. it iss an emotional time and this difficult situation can affect everyone differently!! Some days you may love having time off work, other days you’d rather be out out the house than in! *Now I understand the sheer excitement when its time for a walk..a dogs mind..* lmao!

Moreover, on the positive, our minds can respond quickly by thinking of everything we had put off recently or over the years. I am so fricken guilty of this, I’d say “If I had more time, I would do this.. i.e. learn a new language/read more books/ more time into exercise/etc.. (without feeling guilty). And that’s truly amazing, some of us have found new passions or using more time into our current passions!! What are you passions? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 

I love viewing these cosy cute cutieee domestic vibes: baking nana bread, everyones audibooks/books recommendations (I AM A HUGGGEE GEEKY FAN OF THIS), re organising our wardrobes/house/..basically the whole 60 minute makeover but over the course of months, creative homeware posts, etc … I’ve seen it all online and I am here for it! I automatically smile like a chesire cat whenever I see someone work hard on something, even if its a simple concept i.e. paint their walls and add in new interior! 

Your wellbeing is important. Vital. We are all wired to be social butterfliess, including the well known introverts ,which is fine! We aren’t used to this new world! Buttt anxiety, depression, stress, etccan kick in during isolation! It doesn’t help Boris biker constantly using his bio tinder caption “YE BUT NOT YE BUT NO BUT..(lmao)  *insert little britain stupid joke* haha. Essssspeshcially as we are unsure if these are the last 3 weeks or if we are just at the beginning of lockdown or if it is coming to an end. “WHO” apparently knows.. It can be a lot to take in, it’s all a bit too much, sometimes too much info! So don’t forget to ask people ‘How are you’?No, really how are you? Always show love online and offline; you actually don’t know what people are going through, even if they say “I am fine”.. they might not want to reveal anything.. so add, “I am always here if you need to talk to someone”. “ 

The distancing/complete isolation can lead too unfavorable psychological and physiological effects; but I want to list (do love a list) what you can do to maintain your overall health! I’ve read a lot (geeky input) on how quarantine can affect our brain and body! So I’ve mentally noted what makes me happy, unhappy, uncomfortable, angry, worried etc and focused on the positives. Whenever I feel emotional go back to the happy place! Sometimes it’s best to chat to my best friends for hours (recently was THE BEST way to get everything out), switch off my phone, go for a walk, watch my favourite shows etc! 

So friends, how are you? No, really, how are youuuuu? How are you coping? Not so good? Feel free to email me, which is my blog email!  If you need a chat! Sometimes, I may take a day or two, but I always reply 😉 Everyone, including myself can feel down, I think I’ve had one proper good cry during time off (March 13th..damyUMMMM feels like years ago..) it’s understandable. It’s normal to cry, feel low, get upset..I totally get it. But we need to learn how to adapt, see life changes as a blessing in disguise (if you can. i.e. more family time, relationship stronger etc.. you time..(for once)!  Personally, I was doing ‘too’ much for around a month (eek). Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be busy, tbh I was busy, I’m working on a few projects..but to be ‘busy’ during lockdown can be seen as positive and productive but also the core of the purpose was to steer away from being down, being bored, being depressed..Time out is needed! How were you on your first month, honestly? It’s healthy to be honest with our feelings, you learn from past experiences and manage your emotions better!

Sometimes, our coping mechanisms can be healthy, but if its too extreme it can do more good than harm. I was addicted to being busy. L-O-L.”addicted”. I was.. At times, it was great! At times, “Ttoo many of us wear “I AM BUSY” as a badge of honour”.  I’m busy, therefore I’m important and valuable, therefore I’m worthy. And if I’m not busy, forget it. I don’t matter.” After a month and a half (so around last week) I started to wake up later, I started to teach myself how to be ok with doing nothing, too! I guess because I am freelancing in the creative fields, it’s never going to be a long term mind set, but now and then especially during covid its OK to do nothing, for one or three days! So I did that, and loved it! In facts I took enough time off, to reset my mind, switch my phone off and think about the bigger picture in life! How have you dealt with your emotions recently??? 

I am always constantly (and embarrassingly) searching for ways to keep my mental state in check 😉 different ways to ‘cope during stressful times’, alternative ways to keep my spirits up during this uncertain time.. You need to make sure you are always looking after your own mental health!! Here are some diffferent ways which helped for me (personally): 

List– (love a listttttt soz, I know the psychological reason/s behind it, but its not only, I can sometimes ‘forget’! more- reoccurring topic of xtineloves) 

google says:

“How to stop the stigma of mental illness?

  • Respectful with Language. Words are powerful—they can both heal and harm…
  • Understanding of What You Might Not Understand.
  • Active in Spreading Mental Health Awareness. The societal perception of mental illness won’t change…” <I love this SO much! We need to talk about it openly and honestly!
  • Social media. Although, I have my uninfluential opinions on social media, I do feel at times it can be positive.. Stay connected to those who you care about! The angels pure heart of gold friends,whom bring positive vibes and whom you trust as its important for your wellbeing! This isn’t a time for negativity, arguments and annoying vibes! Although I’ve had a week or so away from my phone (I’ll blog post that-felt great BTWWW 😉 I loved having my longass funny chats with my best friends, we’re dreaming of a hooooliday 😉 Chat via social platforms (I love WhatsApp), instagram, Facebook, twitter, youtube-any platform you’re on! One way to steer clear of negatives to protect your mental health :unfollow/block/ignore anything/anyone who can affect your mental health-if they make you feel anxious/angry/annoyed/etc! I love to follow real, genuine, relatable, cool funny accounts! The more I use socials, the more I want to see unedited posts etc..
  • Relax. Breatheeeee! Have a long lush bath! A great way to unwind at the end of the day! Meditation! There are plenty of meditation youtube accounts which can help, I’d advise you to add it to your phone homepage, whenever you feel stressed switch it on! Great music playlists helps, meditation youtube accounts ARE THE BEST!
  • Limits!– I don’t want to sound like a moom here, if you truly find it is making your more anxious, limit your screen consumption!. Avoid speculation hearsay and look up reputable news sources (a lot of rumours spread online), maybe checking for updates a couple of set times a day. Turn on your limit for social media too, if it helps- for me I’ve got a limit! Also I don’t find it healthy to spend every second of the day glued to the phone! Trust me, having a limit is good for the soul! Some days I’ve just switched it offf
  • Outdoors. I’m outttt Boris. Go outsideee – if you’re not self-isolating, go for a walk and clear your head. If you are self-isolating, open the windows and let some air in…. !! Sit outside to read/take a call/even eat your lunch outside!! A change can make all the difference 🙂 
  • Exercise. Worrrrrkin’ out. – if you can’t get out for a walk, find a home workout video online that you can do inside…Look after your physical wellbeing: Your physical health has a big impact on how you are feeling emotionally and mentally. At times like these, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy patterns of behaviour which in turn can make you feel worse. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink enough water, exercise inside where possible and outside once a day, and try to avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs.
  • Plan. It can be fun, don’t choose to label it as a ‘chore’! Organisation skills can change everything! Ever since Ive bought my new pink planner and my meal plan sheets with my seahorse pen I have loved jotting down little plans and writing up notes! Write everything! Writing a letter, notes, plans anything you can think of its so therapeutic! (such a kid at heart, momentous moment here..)<3, I’m now wired to stay organised (inconsisitent)and for me it is super fun! Tracking fitness goals, looking at different ways to create new meals, writing down notes for the week! Staying organised can truly help your mindset! Plan food shop days, walks, little trips (social distancing obviously) -One less worry, too! Even if you’re not ‘keen’ on a planner, its just handy to have one- we all need a good planner!  Mine were all £1!! #poundland 




Sleeeeep. Gooodquality sleep can honestly make a big difference to how you feel mentally and physically!. I’d highly suggest switching off your phone!-it works;) Make your bed space super cosy, creating the perfect environment will help the mind! Maybe a lil sprinkle of lavender sleep spray! PS also lovelies cut back on caffeine & alcohol!

  • “Home bucket list” Create a fun ‘bucket’ list – Create your own lil gym in your garden , movie/Netflix nights, new recipes to exploree, painting days/ decorating your home etc!
  • Set goals: Setting realistic personal goals and achieving them gives a sense of control and purpose; think about things you want or need to do that you can still do at home-maybe you want to try a course, learn how to design clothes, fitness goals, start a business etc! So many fun new goals you can set your heart to! IMG_0364

Welllll I know that was pretty lengthy, but hope this helps, a lil aspiration you’re never alone, never. Little changes can make a huge difference-

I’m absolutely LOVING the time offf! The sun is out, too #sunoutbunsout 🙂 It’s Gods way of putting a smile on our face during this time… Be kind and what goes around comes around 😉 < if you need more advice or medical professional help!

p.s These are just lil tips/ideas which have helped me, if they’re going to help you FAB, if not, personalise it to make it work for you 🙂

pss not gifted or sponsored by poundland, genuinely LOVED them!

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