London’s new health bowl! New favourite!

Hello friends!

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How are you?! If you are thinking about going out and about for the eat out scheme, I would highly recommend Honi Poke! (Million per cent worth it for your money!)

Introducing you to porn.. Food porn you dirty mf! 😂🤪

—>gifted experience. We have 🦀 crab, salmon,🐟, all the greens, added some mango 🥭, rice 🍚, chicken 🍗, avocado 🥑, basically all my favorites. Healthy fresh choices in a 🍲 bowl is part of my lifestyle. Definitely will come back they’ll know my name and order in no time!
Thank you @honipoke friendly staff, (visited fenchurch) clean, freedom of choice (vegan too), generous with portions! Super healthy, yet very yummy; you’ll crave it! I actually want it right now! There were so many choices you instantly feel spoilt, definitely good value for money! They also have the eat out eat in scheme so please check it out you won’t be disappointed! 5* After one visit I can see this place easily becoming one of my favorites in London and my standards are very high! @adam_wenham took these photos and we are coming next week! Who’s joining?! tagged some fav foodies people —> #gifted but all thoughts are my own! 🌟



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