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Reposted from 2016. Still so relevant to current circumstances

2016 diary


I hope you’re all well lovelies and have had a good week so far; mine was extremely busy.. Today was initially my day off, but work called and I have to go in soon! I honestly hate being at home- especially in the summer! Summer is the best time when you’re a blogger inspiration everywhere, sun is out and you actually want to venture outside- whether it’s in London or not!

..Well considering I’m writing this up, I’ll was still a tad busy.. I started filming a beauty video and ended up coughing (gross I know) and laughing by making silly faces.. I find it hard to be serious and very professional on camera -when it’s for a youtube video.. Then went to gym, sorted out work schedule.. WORKING EVERYDAY THIS MONTH! BUT, I have challenged myself to blog 5 times a week.. OK.. breathe in and out.. (So not much of a day off)…

About to head off to work now, in the sun- can’t really complain can I..

What do you guys do for work? Do you find inspiration at work, outside of work? Work can be crazy, I don’t stop to look for inspiration, which is truly shit, and inspiration hat thrown in the bin!

Despite what others say, because actions always speak louder than words, finding ways to stay inspired can really be hard. Take it from me, not to humble brag, but from my past experience when I was at university and had a full time job (presenting) which was crazy and intense at times -working 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm, 11pm-7am while being at uni on some shifts and working on my dissertation at 4am on studio break times and keeping up a blog- inspiration had to come from somewhere, right?! Right now, I’m everywhere, presenting, working in events, shoots, working in my talent agents..

——>So here are my secrets:

Art and..

Whether it’s a Pinterest board, or a painting you’ve seen on etsy, you’ll feel yourself immersed with creative ideas and will turn ideas into a masterpiece!  Maybe the colours have inspired you? The artist? The vision itself? 

Nature (!) #treesonfleek

Seriously, it’s easy. Leave your phone behind and appreciate nature. It’s so beautiful, wonder about in the park, take time to surround yourself with animals and grab some inspiration around you- natural earth points! My boyfriend and I ventured out to Bushy Park and we had the best time. 

My boyfriend took these so appreciate his (progressing) photography skills- sorry adam, you are currently a downgrade! #sorrynotsorry!

Love you all, you’re the ones who keep me going! Blogging is very therapeutic..


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