2021. New year

Hello friends!

Happy new year, I hope you’re well *virtual hug*. 2020.. That specific number alone.. Repugnant ahaha.. aren’t we all happy to see the back of it; start a better fresh year!! Although I am in London *rolls eyes* and currently in Teir 4 but as we speak numerous of headlines predicting a national lockdown- its basically lockdown..  On the bright side, we have our health and our loved ones.. Highlighted thought we have brought into the new year is: Materialistics aren’t important it’s the small things and our loved ones are to be appreciated a lot more..  Fingers crossed life can resume to normal.. 爛 I have a small compilation of quotes I’d love to share, hope it can bring a touch of positivity! xox
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Feel free to add in any positive quotes…
 At cha!

XTINELOVES, credit to Instagram.com/strawbbstudio


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