2021 Skin-care tips. Want clear skin?!

Hello friends! I hope you are well! It’s April. Spring clean time. Hit ittt fergie 👌🏽⌚😜

A highly requested blog post…(yay!)

Finally, it’s hereee! It’s pretty evident I enjoy the process of looking after my skin and incorporating really good products into my daily routine! As your online friend (I can just hear my mum say, im your mum not friend aha), I am here to give advice on which cleansers work (best for me) right now and I am 100% sure they will work for you, too! Right now, you may have little time or a lot of time, but its always good to have at least 10 minutes in your 24 hours to properly look after your skin! 10 minutes, that’s all, you probably spend 1 hour at least on social media, so, there isn’t any excuses! Finding products which help produce the ‘glow’ for your skin can be hard, everyone, everywhere is raving about a new found product, everyday! Sometimes it can be confusing to know which give actual results and which products are just not worth it, even if it is ‘cheap’!


Can you relate? -> A simple, yet effective skin care routine will always be the one… Whenever I see the skin selfies, (don’t get me wrong I am in total awe and intrigued), but, I can’t justify having so many at once! FYI: I’m not a skincare expert by all means; just love skincare and looking after skin! You don’t need 100 products to have great skin…(shhh. I’ve said it)! Hopefully, you like the review and purchase one for yourself! It will be great to see your skincare selfies with one of these products, so I can share it on my stories! Also the * are affiliate links and help me run this blog! Every little helps… Ha! <3


Firstly, I was intrigued by my mums skincare routine and certain products from a very young age… Fascinated at how clear her skin was compared to others.. And her massage techniques (!), which seemed pretty funny to me back then…But it all makes sense now! Around my early teens (I’m old, 28, closer to 30 AHH btw), I used her favourite products and managed to secretly use them, wanting to feel divine.. During my childhood, I had severe eczema (I had bandages on my arms at one point, in year 7, yep). So, evidently, ‘trying’ to control something which technically was out of my control; to aim for the perfect skin was a challenge I aimed for! Skin, in general, is a topic I have always been interested in. I watch Youtube videos from top dermatologists and always ask people with good skin, what do you use?! I hope after you’ve read the little reviews you can walk away with some recommendations, along with a few tips! Here is a little insight into what I use right now and some tips you can implement into your routine!

Liz Earle: Polish and Cleanse.  Buy it here https://tidd.ly/3cTQx8R

I have been married for a little over 10 years to… Liz Earle Polish and Cleanse! 

Introduced to polish and cleanse by my mother; ever since hands touched it, its been my go-to number one cleanser, every time. I have 1 travel kit left as I move around with work quite a lot, in and out of hotels for campaigns around the country and highly recommend to buy a travel kit, too! I certainly need to repurchase the full size! It’s an award-winning product and I haven’t come across anyone who can fault it! You will find a hundred similar reviews, you’d rarely come across a really bad review!

From the site “What is it? Well, its a product you need in your life if you haven’t tried it, aha! Online it says, “Reveal radiant skin with our multi-award-winning cleanser. Our British beauty essential is the foundation of fabulous skin and the perfect preparation for the next step in your beauty routine. Enriched with cocoa butter to soften, smooth and moisturise, and rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus to tone, soothe and purify – this rich, indulgent cream deeply cleanses to instantly remove daily grime, pollutants and makeup, even stubborn mascara, to leave skin feeling comfortable, balanced and exceptionally clean. Used with the pure cotton cloth it gently exfoliates, lifting away dead skin cells to reveal smoother, clearer and brighter-looking skin”.

My verdict:

Liz Earle is a dream. On top of that, compliments have always flourished in after using this; this is the main product I have been using for many many years. I love the texture, how clean my skin looks and feels after just one use. Muslins cloth included with the product: muslin cloths play a massive part in my skin care routine. I believe the skincare routine isn’t complete without it, I must have around 6! It helps to gently exfoliate and remove all the nitty gritty gross dead skin cells, which is perfect for those who don’t like too many steps in their skincare routine. It can infact remove the most difficult makeup, even water proof mascara (I mostly use waterproof mascara-!!), but the downside is the mascara can stain the cloth (annoying!) and isn’t always easy to get rid, grr, (!) Also you need to wash the cloth religiously (FYI cloths are the breeding area for bacteria). You only need a few pumps and that’s it! I use it every morning and night!

Elizabeth Arden: Anti-aging treatment boosting cleanser, Prevage £10 off its now only £31!  https://tidd.ly/316Jnc4

Sophisticated , sassy, sweet well-known brand and has been around for donkey years! Their 8-hour cream is a staple beauty item of mine! I looked into their full skincare range whilst after working for them in central London..I was hooked from the beginning!!! I work in events; I have been very lucky to be part of the new campaigns in London and go into many headquarters to meet directors of brands for induction days. During the induction days (before the live campaign), you learn the history of a brand and thoroughly go through product briefs with the directors. It’s actually quite fun! When you consistently learn about new products in depth and shown the benefits, persuaded “its the next best thing”, you automatically want it for yourself (right)! Thats the story, I was sold. I was a team leader for the range a couple of years ago in in Box Park. On the job, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by their well known ambassadors and sales representatives who were willing to give facials, give tips and shown photos of the before and after using this product. Again, I was hooked! The staff all had perfect skin, so my ears were ready to listen to everything they had to say! The skincare experts ended up giving me some samples and also I purchased some items after the pop-up.  I have just purchased one yesterday!Their cleanser can last up to 2 years, 24 months stapled at the back of the product. Side note: I believe their 8 hour cream can last years on end! (36 months) Wow.

What is it? “This multi-action moisture-rich cleanser quickly dissolves impurities, makeup and surface pollution as it refines skin’s appearance with gentle bamboo microbeads and enzymatic exfoliators. Clears the way for maximum treatment benefits, leaving skin feeling cleansed, comfortable and healthy-looking.” Designed to refine skin’s appearance with gentle bamboo microbeads and enzymatic exfoliators, this daily cleanser paves the way for maximum treatment benefits, leaving skin feeling cleansed, comfortable and healthy-looking. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, it is specially formulated to optimise the benefits of PREVAGE® Anti-ageing serums and helps to leave you with younger-looking, more beautiful skin. 

My verdict:

As cringe as this sounds, I always feel happy when I use this product, every time! It’s a luxurious product: I can’t live without; I use this maybe once or twice a week. I love the feeling after a good scrub, especially from the beads. I use it especially around the nose area as I have visible bigger pores and that’s my main area of concern.. It cleans without stripping my skin of it’s natural oils. After using it, skin feels smooth and never feels tight after a good rinse. It contains exfoliating beads which dissolve and fresh nice smells as well as foams! I had a facial around 6 months later and was complimented on how ‘clean’ my skin was, encouraged to continue using, even though the beautician doesn’t use the range! You don’t need a lot at all to see a difference!

L’oreal Pure Clay: Buy it, its now 2.99! (heavily reduced): https://tidd.ly/3mmUHKE

Now if you’re an OG of XTINELOVES (check my first little review of a loreal product… https://www.instagram.com/p/BeiKgvFB9gS/

When they realised their new range I was pretty excited to try this pure clay detox wash. The pointers on the bottle were the driving force behind the repurchase ‘cleanses clarifies and detoxifies’. I love the thick gel consistency, no bumps, just smooth and easy to spread all over. Carefully apply the product on the three targeted areas, nose, cheek and forehead.

“Cleanse and clarify with the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Foam Wash, a gentle gel makeup remover that leaves skin refreshed and renewed. Infused with three different types of clay, including Kaolin and Moroccan Lava Clay, the face wash expertly melts away dirt, impurities and excess sebum from the complexion, transforming upon contact into a light foam that hydrates the skin. Charcoal acts as a magnet to unclog pores, helping to create a clear, purified and healthy-looking visage”.

My verdict

One of the cheapest cleansing purchases but it works, results every time(!) I find it helps removes the blackheads on my nose. It’s not fragrance-free so if you are sensitive, be very aware of this. This product aims to do 3 things for the skin: cleanse, detoxify, and clarify. I have a lot of whiteheads and congested pores so detoxification and clarification are essential to my skincare routine. Place a small amount on your forehead, nose and chin for best results use regularly. Using this day and night has shown me that it does clean the skin. Moreover, I would say my favourite thing about it is how clean and very refreshed my skin feels afterwards.

Emma Hardie: https://tidd.ly/2OMxRQB

What is it?

“Experience a rejuvenating cleanse with Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and Professional Cleansing Cloth, a luxurious daily cleanser that works to lift away makeup and impurities while revitalising dull skin.Enriched with antioxidant Moringa Seed extract, Wild Sea Fennel and Vitamin E, the nourishing balm delivers balancing, hydrating and purifying properties; it performs a deep cleanse, eliminating eye and face makeup while decongesting and refining the appearance of pores. It also contains a cocktail of Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oils, rich in essential fatty acids to help plump and soften the complexion. Brightening and hydrating, its deep cleansing properties are enhanced with the professional cleansing cloth included. The cloth is made from unique micro-fibre and backed with muslin to help insulate heat for ultimate compressing and skin cushioning. The micro-fibre side delivers deep yet gentle pore cleansing and makeup removal while smoothing the appearance of fine lines. Infused with Orange, Neroli, Mandarin, Jasmine and Rose essential oils to rejuvenate and condition while calming the senses. Also doubles as a hydrating treatment mask if left on for ten minutes.”

My verdict.

A sophisticated cleansing balm, worth the price! It is quite literally a cleanser in a more solid balm form, smells very good, just can’t live without it! I apply it all over the face and skin, then ,very slowly massage in and then remove with a warm muslin cloth..(seen in my instagram video above). Emma Hardie is a luxury skincare brand from the UK, Emma, her own name, an experienced facialist herself and very much uses it (check her simple yet informative YouTube videos) It’s been talked about from everyone in the beauty world, the top magazines and social media! Ah I purchased this little beauty product probably around 2018(?) from space n k, this luxurious balm cleanser that melts away make up in one go, leaves skin feeling plump and soft and smells divine! Lets be real, it’s not exactly a cheap cleanser but it lasts a long time and it is worth it, as you only need a small amount. Its definitely an investment and glides on the skin so well. The cloth that is included with the product is soft on the skin, too. The way that it took my makeup off so effortlessly, the way that it made my skin look (overall, after a week) and feel so healthy. Take my money EMMA!

Thankfully, I have always looked after my skin, from within and extremely wary of what I put on my face so over the years, so I have now reaped the fruits of my labour.

Skin care tips:

  • Once you have the skin care type, research products which will help your specific problems. ie, oily skin: (problem) cut small spots and excessive oil around forehead, product xyz contains xyz which will work for your skin.
  • Go back to basics; simply go to a dermatologist to find out your skin care type if you are unsure.
  • Change your pillow sheets and bed sheets often, you spend at least 5-9 hours a night, you look after your skin during the day, so make sure you look after it during the night, too. No point sleeping on dirty covers!
  • Sun cream. I have worn sun cream for many years! Some products include SP, so look out for them! Try to steer clear of being in the sun for too long!
  • Moisturize after cleansing! It’s important not to skip this vital step. Hydration for the skin is important, especially during the winter times.
  • Massage your face while cleansing/moisturizing! This will boost blood circulation and help the product to sink in properly.
  • Remove makeup before bed! Bacteria…clogged pores…more often we wake up with little breakouts when we sleep with makeup on, it can be prevented!
  • Don’t forget your neck! I have always treated my face and neck in the same way! Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize it!
  • Plan ahead self care days, our daily psychological stresses can increase potential breakouts and acne! Whenever I’m stressed, I have a lot of red spots on my face! Once a week have an at home pamper session!
  • Water, I drink at least 1 litre a day, without any added sugars!
  • Sunglasses, an accessory worth having as the eye area can be very delicate during the summer!
  • Eat well; no point spending loads on skin care if you have the worst diet! A good diet and a good skin care routine go hand in hand, you need to put effort in your side!
  • Wash hands before touching your face! You should all know how important a hand wash is, by now aha!
  • Look at the sell-by date! Theres a number at the back of each product, if it says 3 months , don’t continue to use it 3 years later! I hope these tips can help you!
  • Try the lymphatic drainage massage, they really do work!! 5 minutes as soon as you wake up!
  • Give your skin a break! Week without 5 layers of foundation could potentially help with your skin! Follow me on social media and here to read more..


😘👌🏼 comment below.. Which cleansers do you like right now?


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