Bye Stress- Lush Gift Set

bbbb7jhbbIMG_2116IMG_2118IMG_2120IMG_2122IMG_2124IMG_2128IMG_2129IMG_2133“Whispers of gentle lavender flower infusion and French lavender oil scent the softly floral soap in this divine duo of products. Following an exquisitely calming cleanse, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner will cover wet skin with sumptuous smoothness. It’s packed with beautifying argan oil and moisturising organic Brazil nut oil, so there’s no better time to lock the door, shut the curtains and enjoy some pampering time..”

Hey lovely,


I hope you’re well?! When you have such a busy scedule, it is hard to fit in “me time/ relaxing pamper session”. So, I have permanently decided to keep Sunday as a spa sunday and use all the amazing bath/shower products to help me recover from a crazy week and prepare for another! I adore Lush; I know it’s so cliche to say, “oh hey girls, I am about to have my own spa sunday with lush products”, but let me tell you they are the best, no honestly, they are!

Body Conditioner
Heaven-scented smooth skin

French lavender lullaby
These are the two products which come in the box and I was given this as a present, along with the bath bomb by my boyfriends mum, so so sweet!
How are you relaxing this Sunday? And what are your favourite current lush bath bombs/ products?!
Enjoy and relax this Sunday evening; we are about to enjoy this bath bomb together and watch taken!
Have a great start to the week, speak very very soon?!  PS, I will film/take photos of the bomb for ya!

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